01 July 2012

{b}U{m}PDATE: 20-21 weeks

I had my 20 week appointment two wednesdays ago {June 20th} 
Everything looked great! The baby was healthy and developing properly.
I was measuring a little small- 19 weeks & 2 days. 
I have gained 14 pounds from my pre pregnancy weight {I'm sure it's quite a bit more now}. 
It was so much fun to see the babe on that little ultrasound screen. I could stare at it all day everyday. 
It just melts my little heart. Tyler loved it too. He was all smiles the whole time. 

The day before my appointment I learned I can't stop taking Zofran. I thought I was okay to not take it anymore cause I had been feeling so great, but I learned the hard way early tuesday morning. I started throwing up around 6 am and continued about every thirty minutes till 12:30ish.  I was having a terribly sharp stomach pain with it as well and I hadn't felt that before so we were a little concerned as was my doctor. So we Went in to the office so I could get prescribed more Zofran and to make sure that pain wasn't an indication of something serious. Luckily it wasn't. I just pulled a stomach muscle from vomiting so much. Once I got the Zofran in me along with some food I was back to great again. 
I cannot tell you how grateful I am for that little pill. It's magical.

Our doctor here in Louisiana is absolutely wonderful. We love him so much. He is a very sweet, christian man. He kept saying he hopes God changes our plans because he really wants to deliver our baby. He is just the sweetest and funny too. I am excited for my next appointment. 
I was worried that the doctor wouldn't care about me because I was just going to be here for a couple of visits but he is probably the most caring doctor I've ever had & it makes me so happy.

I started feeling the baby at 20 weeks, or thats when I began to realize those flutters were the baby. I think I really started feeling the baby move around 18 weeks maybe and just didn't realize it.
The babe moves a lot now! 
Tyler got to feel it for the first time last week & it was an exciting moment for us! 
I am absolutely in love with feeling the baby move. I never want it to end. I'm positive I am going to miss it once the baby is well and born. 

I still haven't had any cravings. I just have to eat often. 
I am still incredibly thirsty all the time and nothing is better than water. 
Smells don't typically bother me.
Other than my growing belly I really don't feel all that pregnant. I just feel like myself for the most part. 
I don't get all that tired and seem to have a lot of energy most of the time.
I am still exercising a little- light weight lifting and some swimming for cardio.  
I feel like I have grown a lot this past week and that I have kind of popped. I am definitely starting to look pregnant to others now.  I am so excited for this belly to keep growing. I have been so anxious about it the whole time. I love pregnant bellies. They are beautiful.  


  1. Hi there,
    {b}U{m}PDATE: 20-21 weeks
    Fascinating! I recently found a considerable amount of informative stuff in your article. Keep up the fine job!

  2. You are beautiful! There is nothing like feeling your baby move. My favorite thing to do at night while pregnant was to watch my belly move and press back on my babies pushes.

  3. Whit- loving these bumpdates! That brick wall was the best thing you've ever discovered, too. And so glad you found a good doc out there- sweet he wants you to stay! You look awesome, love that the bump is starting to pop.