29 August 2015

Fairy Tea Party

We celebrated our best girlfriend, Claire with the most magical little fairy tea party. The girls were in heaven. It was so darling and we loved every minute of it! Such a fun time! 

27 August 2015

Farm & Family

Mimi, Papa, & Mike came up for another visit. As always, it was jammed packed with fun! We went to ikea, ate yummy food, explored the farm, did lots of playing, & made cookies. We cherish when our family comes to town! 

24 August 2015

Gone Fishing

Mitchelle has been teaching us the ropes of fishing and it sure makes for a fun family outing. There is something about its slow pace that makes you sit back and enjoy the moment. We met some really fun kiddos that Jade loved playing with. They had us cracking up with there imaginations, songs, and dance. 

21 August 2015

7 Months of Vera

She is pulling herself up and standing! 
She is not even sitting yet. 
Still no teeth. 
She really likes rice cereal. 
Waking up 2-3 times a night. 
Sleeps on her tummy or side. 
Loves to be on the ground playing with toys or sister.

12 August 2015

Pool Days

The summer was filled with pool days with our friends and family. We always have a good time at Scera pool. Jade is a little fish and LOVES the water. So sad this season of swimming is coming to an end.