31 August 2011

Gator Huntin' & Bow Fishin'

The boys went huntin' & fishin' Louisiana style.
They caught red fish, alligator gar, and a 9 1/2 ft gator.
 Definitely the highlight of their summer.
They had a blast!

30 August 2011

Whiskey Sauce

the elite crew enjoyed
nice, juicy steaks and bread pudding 
with whiskey sauce at Ruth's Chris.
it was a very fun & delicious supper!

29 August 2011

Music Monday

Beyonce {Love On Top}
Whitney Houston {I'm Every Woman}
Mariah Carey {Fantasy} 
Gloria Estefan {Conga}
Paula Abdul {Straight Up}


26 August 2011

Pelican Point

Tyler and Brett took some leisure time 
in the morning and hit up the Links at Pelican Point. 
They love their golf

22 August 2011

Music Monday

Nat King Cole {You're the Cream in my Coffee}
Ella Fitzgerlad {Body and Soul}
Louis Armstrong {A Kiss To Build A Dream On}
Dean Martin {Mamba Italiano}
Anita O'Day {Fool Am I}

Music Monday 

21 August 2011

As Of Late

{Jake & Razz hanging at the hotel in New Orleans}

Both of our computers crashed within two day of each other a couple weeks ago.
We lost everything and no, neither of our computers were backed up.
I have been saying for months I need to go get an external hard rive.
Shame on me for not getting around to it.
But, we are hopeful upon our return home we will be able to get our files recovered.
Since then, 
 we celebrated Tyler's birthday with a nice dinner at home and some cheesecake.
He was spoiled all week long with gifts and love from friends and family.

Ron, Angie, and Jake came to town. 
We went on the gator tour.  It was a scorcher but worth seeing our guide give 
the huge gator a kiss right on the mouth. 
Then, of course, we had to take them to see the fine city of New Orleans.
We went to Cafe Du Monde & roamed the french quarters {I love the french quarters}. 
Bourben street was wild. There were so many entertaining street performers.
We even fell for some young kids tap dancing, they basically stole our money. 
New Orleans on a saturday night is a completely different world.
We are so glad we got to experience it with the Crowley Clan.

18 August 2011

Dixie Landin' & Blue Bayou

{I'm devastated, I lost so many great pictures of our adventures here when our computers crashed}

The childless wives purchased season passes to the
theme/water park that was just down the road 
from our sweet homes. 
We spent countless summer days here.
It was probably the best idea we ever had.
It kept us out of the malls and out in the sun,
sliding & gliding.  

15 August 2011

Music Monday

Down River {The Temper Trap}
What You Know {Two Door Cinema Club}
Out There On the Ice {Cut Copy}
Blood {The Middle East}
I Can Feel a Hot One {Manchester Orchestra} 

Music Monday

13 August 2011

Razz's Girlfriends

Lady & the Tramp status
{Jersey & Razz}
Razz's best friend
{Cali & Razz}

Bachelorette Nights

So sad the Bachelorette is over.
Only because the Louisiana housewives would 
get together, have pizza, and watch it 
on monday nights.

05 August 2011

Louisiana Lady Luncheon

the hostesses
{Aiime & Lyn}

{Louisiana Lady Luncheon}
{Take 4}
we escaped to the beautiful islands of Hawaii for the day.
well at least it felt like it. we were even given our very own Hawaiian names. 
there was so much food and it was scrumptious. i don't think i stopped eating all day.
it's a good thing we played lots of fun games to burn off some of those calories. 

01 August 2011

Music Monday

Summer Nights {John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John}
Elephant Love Medley {Ewan McGregor, Jamie Allen, & Nicole Kidman}
Pot Can't Talk About the Kettle {Helene Smith}
Break It To Me Gently {Brenda Lee}
Lollipops and Roses {Jack Jones}

Music Monday