31 July 2012

{b}U{m}PDATE: 22-25 Weeks

{Thank goodness Ali has requested bump pictures a few times or else I probably wouldn't have any}

I am really wishing that I would have been better about documenting my bump and thoughts every week. Oh, well I guess. 

I have been feeling pretty great over all!
At  24 weeks I had my glucose test. I passed with flying colors. My blood sugar was actually alarmingly low. My doctor said that I should never take a diabetes test again. He said I should have been in a coma because my blood sugar was so low.
I'm wondering if having low blood sugar contributes to my need to eat so often & feeling sick. 
I guess I should ask the doctor.  
He also encouraged me to go off my zofran, I tired and failed. 
I just throw up  over and over again without it. 
We went to the Dark Night Rises and when we got home I blacked out and then threw up. 
I think it had to do with the glucose test and my low blood sugar. 
I was sick the next day but recovered by the afternoon.
I gained 13 pounds in one month. ha.  

Still no cravings.  Except for maybe fries. 
I don't indulge very often.
I am still exercising. Just cardio for now.  

The babe continues to move often. 
At 25 weeks I noticed the movements getting bigger/stronger. 
They make me so happy and excited! 

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