30 June 2011

Welcome Home

Sweet Shelbi & Clark
Beautiful Megan & Carly

a proud mom and dad

 Crowley Family
my girls minus the lovely Candice
so glad i got to see their pretty faces

Welcome Home 

Elder {Clark} Fredrickson
has just returned home from serving a
 two year Church mission in Ukraine.
We are all so excited to have him home again.
& very, very proud of him.

Tyler and I are so happy we got to go home to 
Utah and celebrate with {Clark}.
It was a very quick trip but very worth it.
It was so lovely to see our family & friends.

Thursday's Tunes

Freckles {Natasha Beddingfield}
Best Thing I Never Had {Beyonce} 
Moving to Mars {Coldplay}
Howl {Florence + The Machine}
Last Friday Night {Katy Perry} 

26 June 2011

Touch of Red

i finally went through with it.
i dyed my hair red.
i love it, tyler doesn't.
but too bad, the red is staying.
thanks to jenny and brittany,
i'm finally seeing red. 

24 June 2011

Great Minds

Dress Alik

We both wore brown shoes
red high waiste skirts
brown belts and
cream shirts to church.

& Our husbands 
were both wearing dark pants
white shirts &
green ties.

we got out of the car and were like,
 "hold the phone, we have the same outfits on"
we have the same brains.
No big deal.

23 June 2011

Vote for Makai

This little guy has been spending the summer 
days with all the summer wives.
& we drool over him.
Isn't he just darling?
I think he is a mini Cristiano Ronaldo.
We have been trying to convince his sweet
 mom to get him into modeling.
& now she is trying.
Vote for Makai on the side of my blog. 

20 June 2011

Music Monday

Arcade Fire {Headlights Look Like Diamonds}
Van Morrison {Crazy Love} 
Colbie Caillat { I Do}
Christina Perri {Arms}
City and Colour {The Girl} 

{Music} Monday

17 June 2011

Swamp Adventure

the {GATORS} are comin' 
Air Boat

eat that chicken

gators love marshmallows 
petting the pretty gator 

swamp waters
hungry gator

I wanted to keep this baby gator
the new swamp people

This {SWAMP TOUR} was the boss.
Rodney, our guide was a hoot. 
He kept us laughin' & the gators commin' all day.
We all were on the edge of our seats the whole time.
More like out of our seats actually.
We all were just so giddy 
and acting like children at Disney Land.
It was definitely a priceless adventure.


Did you know {2.5 MILLIONgators live 
in the Swamps of Louisiana?

Didn't think so.

15 June 2011

Louisiana Lady Luncheon


the hostesses

Cafe Rio Style

the girls working hard to make homemade tortillas 


the wives + makai

Louisiana {Lady} Luncheon
The Majority of the wives are not working this summer,
so we are throwing parties instead.
This was the kickoff luncheon of the summer
and we plan to make it our summer tradition.
We enjoyed way too much food
and laughed hysterically playing the 
name game and the couch game.