29 November 2011

Kansas : Day 2

all of great grandma betty's grandchildren

we celebrated great grandma betty's 84th birthday

great grandma betty and her children


Thanksgiving day was filled with lots of eating, family, football,
visiting, horses, playing games, lots of laughing, hugging, and picture taking.
The last time all of us were together was 13 years ago, so we had a lot of catching up to do.
It was so good to see everyone and to meet new editions. 
It was especially fun to celebrate our Grandma Betty's birthday together.
My mom made a sweet little video of lots and lots of family pictures for our grandma
& it was so much fun to see old pictures and how much everyone has changed over the years.
It was a very special Thanksgiving for our family and will be one to remember! 

Kansas: Day 1

 the teams
top: Kay Kay or Ki Ki, Uncle Mike, Dillan, and Mikey
bottom: Brock, Aunt Allison, Sydney, me, and Tyler

It was a close match up, but we pulled through and won!
What's Thanksgiving without a flag football game?


When we arrived to Kansas my sweet grandma had a great big lunch 
prepared for us. We all gorged ourselves, the food was so good.
We visited my great grandma at the rehabilitation center 
she is temporarily staying at {she just had a hip replacement}. 
The rest of the afternoon we lounged at my grandparents, 
played football, pool, and card games. 
& did lots of catching up with family. 

28 November 2011

Winter in Venice

While we were in vegas we checked out the Venetian's Christmas display
{Winter in Venice}. It was pretty neat. They had a live Christmas show playing outside with singing
and dancing, an ice skating rink, laser show, and of course a tree lighting. 

The performers were entertaining and reminded me of a mini cirque du soleil act.

The tree was so pretty.
 Then we watched the fountains at the Bellagio--I had never stopped to actually watch it before. 
 We also checked out the Bellagio Conservatory.
It is always fun to see how they have their gardens pruned. 

We were a little bummed it was still decorated for thanksgiving/fall, but glad they didn't jump the gun
on decorating for Christmas {since thanksgiving hadn't happened yet}.  

 The talking tree. 

This is other talking tree. We were walking along and this guy started moving and talking 
& he startled me. I had no idea it was a person. ha! 
In my defense it was dark out and I was probably looking at my phone when I walked into him.

It was a fun little night in Vegas before heading off to Kansas! 

Music Monday

    Vistoso Bosses [Delirious] 
                                                Feist  [The Circle Married the Line]
Lily Allen [22]
                                    Passion Pit [Let Your Love Grow Tall]
Citizen Cope [107 Degrees]

[Music] Monday

23 November 2011

Pocahontas in the City

Marianne = Most thoughtful host ever!

From the moment we walked into Mare's darling SLC apartment, 
us girls felt like we were on an episode of Sex in the City
Marianne was such a gracious host and gave us serious special treatment.
She was so thoughtful. She centered the evening around things she is grateful for,
in lieu of Thanksgiving. It was so cute and so fun. 
We ate delicious chicken chili, corn bread, pomegranate salad, and a pumpkin dessert.
As you can see, she provided us with a fun little Pocahontas {Indian Princess} headband craft. 
We all loved the headband idea and it totally set the mood for the night. Fun & Spunky! 
Thanks Mare! It was the {bomb.com}!

21 November 2011

Music Monday

To Build A Home :: The Cinematic Orchestra
Anchor :: Mindy Gledhill
Drops of Jupiter :: Taylor Swift {Live}
Maybe Not :: Cat Power 
We Get On :: Kate Nash 

muuuussssiicc monday

20 November 2011



:We have been loving matinees lately.
:Tyler found a new sushi place & went twice last week with friends. 
:I played Nanny McFred for a few days while Carly was at her best friends wedding in CA. 
:We love hanging out with the Peterson's & Smith's & KJ. 
:I enjoyed being an Indian Princess for the night. 
:Tyler golfed almost everyday last week-glad he got it in before the snow! 
:I had dinner ready and on the table when Tyler got home for the first time last week -- & probably the last{I know he loved it, but it's just not my thing}. 
:We dropped the ball and didn't take Razz out, so he peed on our bed. Ha! {He really is a good boy} 
:I am still on the job hunt.
:Tyler gave himself a haircut, it wasn't the straightest.
:I am loving the view of the sunsets from our balcony every night. 
:We are so excited for Thanksgiving. Can't wait for Kansas! 
:I totally fell for Dillan's trick. He made me believe he met Justin Bieber last night. I wish it was true.

19 November 2011

Call Me cRaZy

call me crazy, but i am beyond excited for snow this winter. 
i have been hoping it would snow all week[so unlike me]. 
when i looked out my window this morning i was giddy to see the dusted mountain tops & trees.
Razz and i loved playing in the snow with the neighbor kids on our morning walk today.
the kids were so cute. they were all so excited. 
& i LOVED watching Razz run in it really fast and seeing the snow fling up behind him. 
i am a happy girl today.