29 March 2011

Coconuts & Pineapples

USS Arizonia Memorial
The oil that is still leaking from the ship.
Our flight got in at 5am and since we were in the area
we decided to stop by Pearl Harbor. It was so cool being there so early
in the morning with a smaller crowd. It was so peaceful.
We are so grateful for the men and women who serve our country.
we saw a lot of these guys
This is Ula, Tyler's little friend.
He would talk to him every morning.
a peacock at Waimea Valley

Dole Plantation
Sweetest try ever
craziest tree ever
yummy pineapple icecream
The ultimate avacado burger.
it came with an entire avocado on top
& it was the biggest one I've ever seen.
pretty, pretty sunset
Loved this beach
Loved watching the huge waves crash here
This little bird was so sweet &
came right up to us just chirping away.

Best shaved ice ever!!
The view from our room.

We did lots of beach hopping
Loved whale watching
went snorkeling
lots of relaxing
we ate delicious food the whole time
we are obsessed with coconut syrup
& banana pancakes
we got lots of sun and
now we are shedding our skin like snakes
enjoyed hanging with Matt
loved the Dole Plantation & pineapple fields
The pineapple was so delicious
loved watching surfers ride the gigantic waves
and enjoyed soaking in the earth's beauty!

We had such a good time together and we can't wait to go back!!
Hawaii is so beautiful and you just can't go wrong there!

28 March 2011

Music Monday

Look At Me Now {Chris Brown}
The Golden Age {The Asteroids Galaxy Tour}
California Soul {Marlena Shaw ft. Ya Boy}
Feeling Good {Jennifer Hudson}
He Won't Go {Adele}

{music monday}

27 March 2011


Playing the slots & having a PARTY for my mom's birthday.
we were playing Village People Party & it was so much fun!
Loving the new Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas
enjoying a virgin mojito.
Pretty tasty!

We had so much fun spending my mom's birthday in Vegas.
We did lots of walking around, shopping, and lounging.

Thanks for taking us to the airport on your birthday!


Gonna miss you a lot
g0odluck in sunny CA
soo0 grateful for Kans
so Gald you were my boss
you have the best and sweetest personality
always so pretty
we all love you dearly

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15 March 2011

Happy Birthday

{March 15}

{March 16}

Happy Brithday to our beautiful mothers!!
We love you both so dearly!
We hope you have wonderful birthdays!!

14 March 2011


Today i learned that i was not accepted to
BYU's Master's of Social Work program.

i was hurt and disappointed.
i felt i let down myself and my professors rooting for me.
but then i felt relieved.
The program is very rigorous
and apart of me is very glad i don't
have to endure it this coming fall.
However, i know if i had been accepted i could have handled it.
i am very grateful for the education that i have been able to receive
and also for the opportunity to even apply for graduate school.
it was a great learning experience for me.
Perhaps i am not quite ready to take on graduate school,
but what i am ready for is to keep pursuing my dreams and goals.
Never give up.

Music Monday

Sara Bareilles [in your eyes]
Rise Against [swing life away]
The Format [matches]
Dashboard Confessionals [the brilliant dance]
Bright Eyes [land locked blues]

Music Monday

12 March 2011


Razz LOVES being outside.
He could stay on the balcony all day
& watch the cars go by.
I love how is little ears perk up to
all of the sounds.
He is aspiring to be an outside dog.
When dogs are on the T.V. he always barks at them.
One morning Bolt was on and he barked and barked
then he just sat there quietly and watched.
It was so funny!


Brock had State Basketball
in this neck of the woods,
so we got to hang out with my
family for a couple days.
It was so much fun having them here!
I felt like all we did was EAT.
We tried a couple of new places.
We ate at Sinora Grill in Ogden
& loved it.
My parents also had Cafe Paesan for the first time.
So delicious.
Did you know they make all their noodles fresh
right there in the store?
Pretty sweet.
I tried the apple pork salad this time
& its my new favorite thing.


Tyler and I love having my family in town.
Thanks for coming guys.
PLEASE come back soon!!!

07 March 2011

Music Monday

Power} Kanye West
Deuces} Chris Brown
Rolling in the Deep} Adele
The Show Goes On} Lupe Fiasco
On the Floor} Jennifer Lopez


02 March 2011

Happy Birthday

Dear Elder


{We love you & hope you have had a splendid day!}