30 January 2012

Music Monday

Ingrid Michaelson {Fire}
Modest Mouse {Paper Thin Walls}
Spoon {The Way We Get By}
Death Cab For Cutie { Marching Bands of Manhattan}
Missy Higgins {Forgive Me}

Music Monday       

27 January 2012

Sweet N' Savory

I savor the unexpected date nights.
Tyler and I haven't seen much of each other this month. 
so, I really enjoyed our sweet little outing a few nights ago. 
We tried a new restaurant close to our house called Sweet N' Savory.
It was delicious. We both loved our meals and it was so much food for such a good price. 
We can't wait to go back! 

Puerto Vallarta

Tyler went to Mexico with some guys from work  for a little sunshine & relaxation.
The highlight of the trip was riding donkeys, the zip line, & the fact that the trip was free.
Tyler said the zip line was such a blast & he loved every minute of it.
& Tyler loved getting a massage on the beach for $10.
Tyler learned he really doesn't like authentic Mexican food. It just grosses him out.
It was cloudy most of the time but, Tyler still managed to come back with a nice little tan.
All in all, it was  such a fun trip for  Tyler & I'm so glad he got to go on it. 

24 January 2012

San ♥ Francisco: Day 2

me, Joclyn, Lexie, Madelyn, & Lori

The trolley is so fun!
Captain Jack

I picked a clam and got a couple of pearls!
Forrest Gump shoes 

 We woke up early and headed over to Lori's Diner for a delicious breakfast then we set off to explore the city.  This wasn't my first time to SF, but it was my first time to ride the trolly and visit the Golden Gate Bridge. I loved them both. We had such a fun day walking the shops and streets, dreaming we lived in one of the darling houses.  We had such a good time and many laughs. We were so sad to leave our favorite city, but hopefully we can make this a tradition. That night we went to Joclyn's parent's house for dinner & it was so yummy. We had a blast playing with her nieces and nephews and getting to know more of the Birchall clan.  It was a very quick trip with lots of driving, but worth every second! It was so much fun and I am so glad we decided to take this spontaneous trip!

San ♥ Francisco: Day 1

 We love the Bart

We were obsessed with our hotel room. 
it was so darling & perfect for our girls weekend.
 China Town!

 We couldn't get enough of this exposed brick.
Once we arrived & got checked in we headed to China town in hopes to find some cool phone cases and to buy some SF shirts. We had a blast wandering through the different shops and seeing all the little trinkets China town has to offer. Then we headed back to the room to get dolled up for a night on the town! Dinner was a little disappointing, but we still had such a fun night!

23 January 2012

Music Monday

Benjamin Francis Leftwich {Pictures}
Passion Pit {To Kingdom Come}
Band Of Horses {The Great Salt Lake}
Velour {The Way She Said}
Kanye West & Jay Z {No Church in the Wild}


22 January 2012

Jazz Game

Our brother-in-law, Ron, invited Tyler and Clark to go to the 
Jazz game a couple weeks ago when they played the Lakers. 
Ron has Season Floor tickets. 
So, you can imagine Tyler & Clark's excitement when they got invited. 
The game was a close one, going into overtime and all, but the Jazz unfortunately lost. 
The guys had a blast sitting court side & enjoyed the close game.