31 May 2011

Jambalaya. Jambalaya.

The Jambalaya Festival

Part 1:
Holly, Aiime, Brittany, me, Emily
Kizac, and Makai
 Suasage and Pork Jambalaya
All I know is the food better get better after all the talk about Louisiana food.
I was specifically recommended Jambalya and was not impressed.
It was plain and tasteless. Where is the Cajun?
However, the coconut snow ball {snow cone} I got was to die for.
so refreshing in that heat.
Emily and I Sharing some Jamba.

Part 2:
 There is no fair like a Louisianan Fair.

The food this round was more impressing.
We loved the BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, Tornado fries, 
and Sweet lemonade.
I'm prety sure it was the best lemonade we
had ever tasted.

My favorite part: Louisiana culture
Tyler's favorite part: leaving
Chris and Dillan's favorite part: the food

30 May 2011

Louisiana Lovin'

Louisiana has stolen my heart.
i love it here. 
the people. the air. the sounds. the sunsets.
the culture. the southern hospitality. 
my neighbors. our temporary home. the history.
it is all so lovely.

Our new summer home.
Tyler is THRILLED to have a two car garage for the summer.

The view from our balcony.
Razz and I go on many walks around this daily. 

There is just something special about this place I can't quite put my finger on. 
Early mornings and evenings are my favorite part of day.
I'm so happy it is summer time and that we are spending it in Louisiana.
It is going to be one charming summer. 

Music Monday

{Mean} Taylor Swift
{Hourglass} Mindy Gledhill
{Warm Whispers} Missy Higgins
{Halo} Beyonce
{Nicest Thing} Kate Nash

25 May 2011

Blue Bell

sOo Happy to be back in Blue Bell Country

{Cake Batter Ice Cream with Sugar Cookie Dough Pieces}

24 May 2011

Music Monday

Sometimes, when I get busy, I totally space Music Monday.
I'll remember when I am climbing into bed,  but I am always
too lazy and tired to fetch my computer. 
So here it is.
On Tuesday.

Swimming {Florence + The Machines}
Gimme Sympathy {Metric}
Somebody to Love Me {Mark Ronson & The Business Intl.}
October {Broken Bells}
Folding Chair {Regina Spektor}

22 May 2011

Goodbye Lone Star

Pic-Nic at the park
Makai & Kizac swinging life away.

This park had water fountains. The kids and Razz loved it!

La Cantina 

We had soft serve for appetizers and dessert.
I thought the food was good. Tyler didn't.
He perfers Taco Bell.
& I have never laughed so hard at the dinner table.


Things We loved about the Lone Star State
people & hospitality 
hotel life {it really wasn't so bad}
bug bites
office dinner at Carrabbas
downtown church
La Cantina


Now off to LA
Can't wait to get settled

21 May 2011


I bought 7 highwaist skirts and 2 shirts 
for $38.00
How you ask? It's a thrift store.
I was on cloud nine.  

Tyler stumbled across Sonicare toothbrushes 
for $35.00 a piece at CVS pharmacy.
He couldn't pass up a deal like that 
so he brought a couple home.
It is crazy how much better these things 
clean your teeth.
Love it.

Hiding Out

Razz has been stuffed in a bag 
during our stay here in Beaumont, Texas.  
We didn't get caught.
Although, Tyler did rat us out.
Luckily, the management was so 
sweet and let us stay. 
I am so glad we didn't have to 
hide Razz the whole time.
It was annoying.

18 May 2011

Church, Downtown.

This past sunday we went to a church in downtown Beaumont, Texas.
It was neat to attend a church downtown next to really tall buildings. 
The church building actually used to be a bank. It still had the vault.
We went with our dear friends Antonio and Amy and thier two boys to a spanish ward.
I love people in Spanish wards. They are always so sweet and welcoming.
Every family came up and talked to us after. 
Granted there were only about five different families there. 
It was a very lovely ward.

16 May 2011

Music Monday

Yael Naim {come home}
Bon Iver {creature fear}
Missy Higgins {forgive me}
William Fitzsimmons {passion play}
Let Go {Frou Frou}


13 May 2011

Forever Flowers

When Tyler came home saying he had flowers for me 
I knew something was up.
Tyler doesn't love to buy flowers because they die.
But, these ones are made of soda cans.
So they last forever. 
& he didn't have to buy them.
A darling 90+ year old couple made them
and then gave them to him.  

11 May 2011

Minivan Love?

{Blurriness due to phone pic}

We bought our first Minivan.
Not because we are expecting or anything,
but for Tyler to tote guys around this summer.
I always swore I would never own/drive a minivan, 
but I must admit it has grown on me. 
I kind of love minivans now
& would consider driving one as a mommy.
They have the sweetest features for kids 
& they are just convenient.


So grateful Tyler will be driving this around all summer
so I can drive my car! 

09 May 2011

Music Monday

Pumped Up Kicks} {Foster the People}
Lights} {Ellie Goulding}
Heart Skipped a Beat} {The xx}
Still Fighting It} {Ben Folds}
Seaweed Song} {Passion Pit}

Music Monday

Don't Mess With Texas

Razz can't handle the heat.
Just taking cover under the car.

Catching up on some reading.
Moab was definitely the prettiest place we drove through.
I can't wait to go back and explore once the summer is over.

The rest of the drive consisted of farm lands and ghost towns
I don't know how people live in those parts.


We spent the last week in Tyler, Texas.
We enjoyed the pool and good weather,
parks, museums, and BJ's Brewery.
Tyler wasn't an ideal market for the business of alarms
so we headed down to Beaumont, Texas.
We are now residing at the Sleep Inn.
It has been really fun so far.
Its nice to have the whole office together because
that means more wives for Razz and I to hangout with.
The only downside is the hotel doesn't allow dogs.
We will be hanging out at the park a lot.
Today we went and it was so much Fun!

04 May 2011

"College Educated, She Graduated"

i now have a bachelor's degree.
in behavioral science with an emphasis in Social Work.
from UVU.
i'm really going to miss college.
it treated me so well.

now its time to be a grown-up..
we'll just have to see how well that treats me.

03 May 2011

Softball Star

Lady Red Devils

third base

Swing batter, batter, SWING!

and she did.
Jen running to home base.

Jen is so athletic.
She can pretty much conquer at anything.
She is definitely a key player on her team.

During this game she hit an
out of the park
Guarded third base like nobody's business.
& did awesome at bat again, getting a double.
What a big game for Jen!

We are so glad we got to go to a couple of Jen's
games before we left for LA.
It was so much fun to watch!

Good Luck
with the rest of the season!

02 May 2011

Music Monday

Forever {Ben Harper}
Clean White Love {Lisa Mitchell}
Sea of Love {Cat Power}
What if You {Joshua Radin}
Folding Chair {Regina Spektor}