28 June 2015


We had such a fun Graves family reunion in Zion. We loved getting outdoors and enjoying the beauty of mother nature and adventuring with our family.  I think me heart grew three sizes after adventuring with my little crew over the weekend. A little glimpse of our future flashed before my eyes and I can't wait for more weekends like this one.  Such a great trip all around! 

24 June 2015

5 Months of Vera


She still has no teeth. What we thought was a tooth is just whiteness on her gums.
She is army crawling everywhere and rocks on her knees.
She is no longer sleeping through the night, but I can't complain because I just got a few months of really good sleep. 
She wakes up once or twice a night - which I can handle (that was a good night for Jade).
She adores her sister and laughs at Jade when she throws tantrums.  

21 June 2015

Father's Day

We are so grateful for the guy that makes our world go round. His girls adore him! We had a nice fathers day dinner at our house with the Fred fam. It was a gorgeous day and lots of fun. 

18 June 2015

Potty Trained

Potty training was so hard until it was easy. The first attempt took place right after Vera's birth. Bad idea. We gave it a half attempt for what seemed like forever. Some days we were on the toilet and some days we were in diapers. We gave it another honest attempt when both Jade and I were ready and it was a cake walk. It just clicked and we were diaper free! Jade had been asking for a helmet for a while so we told her it could be her reward if she didn't have any accidents for a week and the rest was history! 

11 June 2015

Art City Days

Art City Days in Springville was such a good time! A storm was rolling in, so the weather was perfect and it scared the crowds away.  It was seriously so much fun! Jade was in heaven and loving all the rides! She was so excited the whole time.  It was one of those perfect summer nights that I wish could've lasted forever.