23 January 2015

"Nice to meet you, Vera"

We were dying to get home so Jade could meet her new sister. We were sad at first that Jade wasn't allowed at the hospital but I am also really glad the first time they met was in the comfort of our own home.  I loved that Jade "showed" Vera her new room and that we could create that sweet memory in our home together.  Jade loved her instantly and was so sweet with her.  Razz was very curious, sweet, and excited to meet baby Vera too.  It was love at first sight.

21 January 2015

Vera's birth story

18 January 2015
Sunday // We had Tyler's family over for Sunday dinner and after everyone left I was really feeling some contractions. In that moment I knew the baby would be coming any day.  I was really hoping I wouldn't go into labor for a few more days though because I felt like I still had a long list of things to get done before baby made his or her debut. I was really hoping I would at least make it to Wednesday because by then my mom would be in town and I would officially be 39 weeks.  The rest of that night I took it easy in attempt to slow down the contractions and obviously it worked.  
On Monday, we laid pretty low. Jade was still feeling a bit sick{she had come down with cold/flu over the weekend} and I just wanted her better before we brought a new baby home.  I was slightly anxious all day because I wasn't getting much checked off my list.  I did however keep the babe inside for a little longer and Jade started feeling better.  I am really glad we had a sick day because it was the last time Jade and I snuggled all day, just the two of us.  
20 January 2015
Tuesday //  I just knew Tuesday was going to be my last day. So, that meant I had to get a ton of stuff done. That morning we went grocery shopping, to the post office, and the mall.  During Jade's nap I reorganized my pantry and would't stop cleaning my house. My mom showed up that afternoon while jade was still sleeping and while I couldn't stop cleaning.  She said I was about to have the baby since I was nesting so badly - I guess thats a sign you are about to go into labor.  As soon as Jade woke up we went up to Ikea to pick up some items for the nursery and house.  On our way back we stopped at the outlets to shop for the baby.  All day long I had been having contractions. By the end of the night it was really hard for me to walk around and I was moving extremely slow.  We got home and I started relaxing and the contractions slowed down.  I actually managed to get a pretty decent nights rest.  

21 January 2015 
I woke up around 6 and knew I was in labor. I went downstairs and had something to eat and was trying to gage just how far into labor I was. I didn't want to alert everyone for it to just be a false alarm.  I just rested on our couch for a while and eventually I told Marissa, "I think today is the day." She told me she would be on her way shortly {she was driving up from St. George}.  I had my routine doctor's appointment scheduled for ten o'clock that morning, so I had planned to just go ahead and go to it.  The doctor would check me and I could have him strip my membranes, which I was certain would really push me into labor if I wasn't already. I showered and got ready for my appointment.  Contractions began to get stronger and more painful and I would have to stop and breathe through them. I decided I should probably take my hospital bag with me, so I began to finish packing and making sure I had everything I thought I needed.  We left for the appointment with a whole lot of anticipation, hoping I knew what my body was telling me and I was really in labor { I was so paranoid because with Jade we jumped the gun and went in too soon #smh}.  By the time we got to the appointment I could barely walk.  I was in pain and the lady at the front desk could see it on my face.  I told her I thought I was in labor and she says, "I think you are too."  She told me they were running behind but to take a seat and she would go ask the doctor what to do.  She came back with a nurse and they told me to just skip my appointment and go straight to the hospital.  I was like, "Are you sure he shouldn't check me to make sure I'm in labor?" and they were like,  "no, you are in labor.  Go get checked in and he will be right over."  So we did just that.  

Jade was with us and unfortunately she wasn't allowed back with us.  The hospital wasn't allowing any children in because of flu season.  Luckily, my mom was there and she stayed in the waiting room with her until Alyssa was able to come watch Jade and then later grandpa Leon stayed with her so my mom could be in the delivery room with us.The prior two weeks I was dilated to a three.  The nurse checked my progression and I was a five.  The sweet nurse was pretty sure they would be keeping me because she could tell I was in labor.  I don't know how much time had passed {I know protocol is an hour, but it felt much quicker} before she checked me again, but I had progressed to a six so she admitted me.  We started going through all the paper work and hospital info and when we were finished I got my epidural.  She checked me again and I was an 8 {I think}.  Marissa showed up shortly after that. We hung out for a couple hours {to me it felt like 30 minutes}. My mom and Tyler had decided to go grab lunch and run to the bank. Luckily, they changed their minds about the food and decided the line was too long at chic-fil-a, cause right when they got back my water broke and I was at a 10.  It was go time.  When my water broke, there was some meconium in the water.  So we had to have the respiratory team in the room when I delivered in case there were any problems.  Everything moved so fast after that.  In fact, the whole day went too fast.  I kept saying, I wasn't ready yet. I wanted to sit and enjoy the moment a little longer.  My water broke around 2:45, I believe,  and our sweet baby GIRL arrived at 3:06 pm.  I was blessed with another smooth delivery.  The cord was wrapped around her neck and she was a little blue.  Everyone was so calm about it and I was starting to panic. I kept asking, "what's wrong, why is she that color?"  They told me the cord was wrapped around her neck and thats why there was meconium in my water.  The respiratory team suctioned her really good and everything was fine! She was as healthy as can be!  I was so surprised that we had another baby girl, but extremely excited and relieved.  Relieved because, I instantly felt that there is maybe still hope that boy pregnancies could be easier for me.  Both Tyler and I were really hoping for a girl so we could have sisters.  So were were so happy when a girl popped out!  The excitement level of bringing a child into this world is really on another level. It is pure joy! It is so hard to describe how good and happy it feels because everything else fails in comparison.  The vail is so thin and I feel extremely close to heaven in that moment.  It is just so surreal and peaceful and happy.  Holding that sweet bundle of love for the first time made my heart skip a beat.  I had another daughter, Vera Grace Fredrickson. I instantly knew she was so sweet and special.  I couldn't help but feel like I had met her before, that I had known here forever,  and we were just being reunited.  My heart was filled to the brim with gratitude that we were blessed with another HEALTHY, beautiful baby girl.  I couldn't help but to feel so loved by my Heavenly Father.  Babies are the absolute best thing in this world and I am so thankful I get to be a mother and share in the beautiful experience of giving birth- such a precious and sacred gift! 
I am amazed by how much my heart grew that day. I was{and still am} so in love with my new baby, my husband, and my Jade.  

I am also so touched by the love and support of others.  Family and friends poured in to meet our Sweet Vera Grace. We felt so loved by all the visits, phone calls, and messages of congratulations.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! 
Oh, and our nurses and doctor were so sweet and kind.  We loved visiting with each of them and getting to know them.  They were so good to us and will always hold a very special place in my heart.