25 July 2012

Bump Denial

{the bump at 24 weeks}

This whole time Tyler has been in denial that my tummy is growing. 
Every time I say, "look at my belly!" he says, "you are pushing out, you're not pregnant."
I always burst into laughter and say, "why would I walk around pushing out my stomach all the time?"
But, I think he is finally starting to believe there is actually a baby growing inside me. 
We were on a walk a couple Sundays ago and he said, "lets take a bump picture. "
I was surprised he was finally admitting I had a baby bump. 
& I loved that he wanted to be in the pictures too. 


  1. You look amazingly beautiful! :)

  2. all darling pics but that shot of you & dylan is soo cute!! so glad i finally got to see your darling baby bump in person.