30 October 2015

Disneyland / California Adventure : Part 1


What a dreamy day in the magical land of Disney.  This day was filled to the brim with fun! We rode soo many good rides- all of the ones we wanted, some multiple times.  We loved the yummy food and tasty treats, too. We loved meeting characters with Jade and Vera. I think it's safe to say everyone was on cloud 9!

29 October 2015

Mikey's Halloween Party

Mickey's Halloween party was the bomb. We dressed up as Cruella DeVille and the dalmatians. We WALKED on to all sorts of rides. I don't even remember waiting in line at all for rides, actually.  Trick or treating was so much fun too. They were passing out candy, hearty snacks, and healthy snacks too, like carrots or apple slices.  We seriously had so much fun and it was probably the highlight of the trip.  We met up with the Marsh family. We had fun tagging along with disney veterans. Such a fun night and best way to celebrate Halloween! 

23 October 2015

Pumpkin Patches

We love a good pumpkin patch and & couldn't quite get enough this year. Fall is magic. Pictured patches are Jakers, a neighborhood patch, & Hee Haw farms. I think Jakers will always be my favorite, we go there every year. We had a blast at Hee Haw with our best buds though! Lots of fun activities for the kids.  

21 October 2015

9 Months of Vera

Crawling up the stairs 
Puts her hands in air when she is excited 
She loves playing with toys and sister
Size 3 diapers 
6-12 month clothes
Wakes up 1-2 times a night