28 February 2014

k- i - s - s- i - n - g

Jade laying one on her little boyfriend, Benson. 
Kissing boys already? We are in trouble. 

Sweet Valentine

Valentine's started off sweet with Kneaders breakfast. Tyler snuck out and brought it back for us before he headed off to work. While Daddy was gone Jade and I played, ran errands, and baked cookies. We stuck to our Valentine's day tradition and had a lovely dinner at home, exchanged valentines, and decorated sugar cookies. 

27 February 2014


From day one, Jade has slept in her crib in her room. We did not want to have to break that bad habit of sleeping in mom and dads bed years later. However, when we go out of town we always make exceptions. Jade doesn't sleep well when we travel and sometimes we get desperate and let her sleep in our bed. I secretly love it because that means I get cuddles. 

26 February 2014

JJ's Convention

The Jimmy John's Convention happens every other year and this year we were lucky enough to tag along. We stayed at the Aria - it's where the convention took place. Sunday night we went to dinner at Carmines with the St. George JJ's crew. It was delicious and so fun to be with everyone.  After the morning session on monday the girls went shopping and to lunch at Grimaldi's. That night we ate at a tasty burger place with the most delicious shakes ever. Jade seriously couldn't get enough and neither could I. Tuesday, we went to the morning session of the JJ's convention again and then went to lunch with the family. After, we headed back for a nap and some relaxation.  That night was the big Jimmy John's party. We went to that for as long as Jade would last. She was exhausted. She had way too much fun busting a move on the dance floor with mama and Rissa. We had so much fun on this little trip and it was really cool to learn more about the Jimmy John's culture. oh and those really nice quality pics - photocred goes to @magglen. 

21 February 2014

Provo Beach

We played one cold, winter afternoon with Amanda and Max at Provo Beach and it warmed our souls right up. The kiddos were amused by all the flashing lights and sounds of the games. We had fun on the carousel and playing on the jungle jim. Jade and Max liked watching the surfers. Amanda and I loved having some girl talk.  We love Amanda and Max and we are so lucky they are our friends. 

Cousin Time

A couple weeks ago Jade and I had a sleepover with the cousins. Jade was in heaven playing with the boys. We had fun making paper airplanes and playing all sorts of games. Somehow, Mason didn't make it into any of the pictures but we had so much fun with him too. We love those boys! 

06 February 2014

Ice Castles

A couple weeks ago we went to the ice castles in Midway with Lexie and Mitchell. We froze our bums off but it was still fun to see the glowing ice castles and to meet Olaf, of course. Jade loved him. She also wanted down to walk for herself. We knew it wouldn't go well but she wouldn't stop squirming, so we let her find out for herself. She took one step and face planted in the snow. Poor thing. Lets just say she is a quick learner.