26 September 2011

Sunset Stroll

We can't believe our last weekend in Louisiana has come and gone.
It has been such a wonderful summer for our little family.
We spent our last weekend eating at BJ's, shopping, seeing Moneyball, packing and lounging.
On Sunday evening we decided to go on a stroll around the capitol and watch the sunset.
It was the perfect evening, the autumn air felt so good on our skin and we saw a lot of friendly faces.
It was even romantic.  We love sunsets. 

A fun and relaxing weekend has gotten us geared up for the big trek back to Utah.
So excited to get back to family and friends!

Music Monday

A Real Hero. College.
About Today. The National.
The Show. Kerris Dorsey.
Just One Look. Doris Troy. 
Almanac. The Acorn. 

Music MOnday

24 September 2011

Bowling Burgers

Dillan loves it, Tyler likes it too..
but I think I decided I'm not a huge fan.
It always kills my arm. I left feeling like I had a broken elbow.
Plus, I always leave feeling so dirty and in need of a shower.
We worked up an appetite bowling 
so we headed over to Cheeburger Cheeburger.
Dillan ordered the 1 pound burger.
it was HUGE and he ate every bite.
I don't know how someone eats that much meat at one time.
Anyway, it was fun little night out with hubs & bubs.

Dexton Kids

I wish so badly that I had children 
so I could buy them these awesome toys.
Dexton kids is very creative and has some cool stuff.
I really like some of their kids furniture too.
Especially the retro pink kitchen sink for a little girl. 

Woody Wagon Pedal Car

Comet Sedan Car

Fire Fighter Comet Sedan Car

The Racer

Find these toys here {at a discount}. 

19 September 2011

Music Monday

Day Tripper
Ticket To Ride 
Come Together
Love Me Do
Get Back 


18 September 2011

New Orleans

I love the buildings in New Orleans
mmm beignets

We had a nice lunch
walked the streets, explored the shops,
ate beignets, & enjoyed a little Jazz. 
It was a wonderful day in NOLA

12 September 2011

Music Monday

John Mayer {In Your Atmosphere} 
Colbie Caillat {I want you back}
Adele {One and Only {live}}
Duffy: Warwick Avenue
Jason Mraz: Beautiful Mess


10 September 2011

Alabama Road Trip: Roll Tide Roll

Roll Tide Roll!
Half Time!

The tailgate party was crazy! 
It's like nothing you've ever seen.
People just camp out alll day with their flat screen tv's.

Frat Row
Frat boys live good
To top the day off we ate at one of Tyler's fav's
Dreamland BBQ!


What a wonderful way to spend our Labor Day Weekend.
We had such a fun trip! 
We ate way too much food. It was just too good we couldn't stop!
We loved going to the Alabama game & loved the crimson tide spirit.
It was so lovely to visit Tyler's mission.
It was the first time he has been back since he served,
which was about 7 years ago. 
Crazy how time flies.
Alabama has stolen our hearts and we can't wait to go back!

Alabama Road Trip: Day 3 & 4

The Archibald Family, well some of them at least.

It was so much fun to see the Archibald's!
They have a lovely home filled with warmth and love.
They even let us play with their pet possum and pet ducks.
It was a very fun visit!

 The Tew Family!
These three little girls are just darling. I wanted to take them away with us.
We had a great time visiting and laughing with Jim, Amy, and the girls.
They have the most darling little dogs and one of them just couldn't get enough of Dillan. ha
It was so wonderful to see them all.


Regretfully, We didn't take any pictures on Sunday{day 4}.
We were able to attend Sacrament Meeting at one of Tyler's old wards.
We saw many more families Tyler Cherishes; it was such a nice little reunion.
After Church we spent most of the day relaxing at our hotel. 
That evening we had supper at Uncle Doug's restaurant,  Firebird's Wood Fire Grill.
It was delicious beyond measure!
We are so grateful for the wonderful meal we indulged in.
All of it was scrumptious, but the Creme BrulĂ©e Cheesecake was divine! 
If you go there you must try it.

Alabama Road Trip: Day 2

Before we headed to Tennessee for the day we stopped by the Temple,
saw the Mission President's home{where Tyler spent countless Sundays},
and saw another old apartment of Tyler's.


Once we got to Tennessee we were on the hunt to find this sweet sister.
 Dillan ♥'s ferrets! Ha!
We spent all day searching for Miss Eva Kent.
We were determined to find her & after some
investigating, we indeed found her.
It was well worth our efforts. 
It was so wonderful to visit with Sister Kent.
She loves Tyler and was so excited to see "Elder Fred"
We still can't believe we ended up finding her.
Thank goodness for neighbors & old friends.