28 February 2013

Jade's Blessing

We blessed Jade on February 3rd.
Tyler gave the most beautiful blessing. 
She wore her aunt Mary's dress. 
It was Jen's birthday and superbowl sunday. It was quite the party to say the least.
It was such a beautiful day spent with family and friends. 
So sad I didn't get more pictures with both of our families.
I loved this day so much. 
Jade is a princess. 

27 February 2013

Bath Time

Jade used to hate her baths but now she loves them & it makes bath time so much more fun! She loves to kick her legs and splash around.

21 February 2013

Presidents Day Weekend

We spent the long weekend in St. George and oh, boy was it nice. The weather was unreal. We couldn't get over how beautiful and warm it was. We did all we could to soak up every once of sunshine.

We saw safe haven with Carly, Jen, & Rissa, hung with the fam, roasted marshmallows, layed out, & celebrated my dad's birthday. On the way home we stopped by Grandma women's to say hello. It was extra hard to leave st. George this weekend. We love it there.

20 February 2013

be mine, valentine.

our sweet valentine.

green smoothie obsession

heart shaped pizzas taste better.

Valentines day was sweet and fun.
Jade made it extra special.
We had green smoothies for breakfast, it's our new obsession. 
We love our new blendtec.
Jade and I had lunch with some of our favorite girls.
We passed out Valentines & ate way too many treats. 

04 February 2013

3 Months

Jade Alexa
She is such a happy baby.
She smiles all the time.
She has started to giggle and she is cooing like crazy.
Her little voice is the cutest. 
She has turned into quite the wiggle worm.
She wiggled right out of her swing the other day. 
Thankfully, I was right there and nothing happened but it was scary nonetheless. 
She loves her bumbo.
Still not a fan of tummy time. 
She has started to like her baths though. 
On Sunday she didn't even cry when she was getting dried off.
She was also blessed on Sunday.
She has been sleeping 7-9 hours at night and it is so nice.
She is always so happy and fun in the mornings. 
She is just our little ray of sunshine.
She wears new born and 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers.