25 June 2012

Alabama, Arkansas..Home is wherever I'm with you

Tyler lived in Arkansas for 7 weeks in a hotel & I was there for only the last 2 weeks.
Living in a hotel is sort of a drag but it sure beats being apart from one another!
Arkansas was a curious place. I wasn't there long enough to get a good feel for it but it was definitely 
a lot different from anywhere else I've been. 
 It included a lot of eating out on my part, pool time, and just lounging. 
There is not a lot to do in a hotel besides watching movies and reading. 
Tyler & Dillan rescued an abandoned puppy. They named her Nala. 
So cute. I was so proud of them for taking care of her. 
Arkansas treated us well, but needless to say, we are glad to be in Louisiana now. 

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