30 April 2014

Pony Rides

Over spring break we got to play with Lida everyday and one of those days we went to Thanksgiving Point to ride the ponies.  It was crazy busy and the line was so long for pony rides but we survived it. Jade and Max are still learning about waiting their turn but they did surprisingly well.  We had fun checking out all the other animals too. The baby goats were soo cute and tiny.  It is always a good time at Thanksgiving Point. 

29 April 2014

Bubby's Birthday

We went up to Kaysville to celebrate Bubby's {Nate} birthday and boy did we have a good time. Jade adores her cousins and has the best time playing with them.  We did our best to keep up with them on the playground and when playing follow the leader.  We had pizza and cupcakes at the park and sung to the birthday boy.  Then we headed home for presents, baths, and goodbyes.  We had so much fun with Nate on his birthday. He his such a fun little guy! So glad he was born and so glad him and Jade love each other. 

26 April 2014

Big fish, Little fish

We took a trip to the new aquarium with Lexie and Mitchell. Not all of the exhibits were open yet, in fact the majority of them weren't.  However, we still had lots of fun and got to spend more time on the ones that were there. Jade was loving every second of seeing all the fishes and underwater creatures.  Since most of the exhibits weren't open yet, we received  free bounce back passes for another visit. We are so excited to go back once all of the fishes and animals are there. We never made it to the old aquarium, but this one is pretty cool and really fun in our books. 

12 April 2014

The Casablanca

Tyler's family had a little getaway in Mesquite at The Casablanca to celebrate Bubba's (Debbie) birthday.  We were staying in St. George for the week visiting my family so we were glad we could meet up with them for an afternoon.  We had so much fun swimming, playing, and catching rays!

Guapie Cuddles

This is an honor and a privilege cause Jade doesn't cuddle very often. 

05 April 2014


While Dillan was home we celebrated my mom's birthday, snapped a few family pictures, swam & lounged by the pool, played spike ball, & were just together. It was so much fun having him around for the week. He loved it and we loved it. Oh, and he came bearing gifts. Dillan brought us some really fun OKC Thunder shirts {Jade is wearing hers above} and we love them! Saint George is always so good to us-such a fun trip loaded with lots and lots of family time.