09 May 2012

Hawaii: Boy's Trip

The elite crew took another trip, this time to Hawaii.
Tyler loved it & had so much fun laying on the beach and hiking with the guys.
Tyler said the hike was pretty hard, but I'd say those views from the top are worth it!

08 May 2012

Sunshine & Softball

Jen had a softball tournament in St. George so the whole gang [minus Carly & Clark] took a trip down to show their support. Everyone loved soaking up the sun at the games and by the pool. 
Saturday night we had a BBQ at my parents house. It was so fun to have both of our families together again. The last time that happened was at our wedding. Everyone enjoyed catching up, eating, and hanging by the fire pit. 

i'm back.

so, i disappeared for a while. oops.
a lot has been happening lately, so bare with me as i attempt to get caught up.
since this acts as our family scrapbook/journal, i am determined to document what life has been like the last few months. so, prepare yourselves for an overload of events that took place, in some cases, months ago.

07 May 2012

Music Monday

Tom Petty {I won't Back Down} 
Buffalo Springfield {For What It's Worth}
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros {Janglin'} 
Catherine Feeny {Mr. Blue} 
Justin Rock {Stay}