28 February 2012

The Beard

Before & After

& in between 

The beard is gone & so is the hair.
Tyler decided to go from one extreme to the other.
He was in mourning for a couple days for the beard-not the hair, he loves a buzzed head.
I, however, was in mourning for the hair. I love his longer hair. 
I loved the beard too, but it's nice to see his face again. 
Here is to a nice "clean cut" look! 


Razz playing tug-o-war with Tyler in bed.

Tyler trying to teach Razz to share his food.

Tyler is always teasing Razz.

Cuddle Buddies 

27 February 2012

Music Monday

Chris Merritt {North}
Ryan Adams {Nobody Girl}
Missy Higgins {Katie}
Bon Iver {Beach Baby}
Ingrid Michaelson {Keep Warm} 

Music Monday 

24 February 2012


I was supposed to work on Valentines day so we celebrated a day early by going to Red Lobster for some shrimp and crab. On Valentines morning we had a nice little breakfast thanks to Gandolfo's. Later that night {since I didn't have to work} we had Danny and Hannah over and made tostada pizza inspired by CPK and then went to a movie at Wynsong.  It was a sweet little Valentines. 

20 February 2012

Life Lately

{+} Razz was neutered recently- he was high for a couple days but now he is his same sweet self.
       I was really worried he was going to get fat and depressed but  it didn't happen, thank goodness!
{+} We had a Super Bowl party at the Crowley's with friends and family. It was a great night!
        I am still dreaming about the orange white chocolate chip cookies JD brought.
{+} Debbie & I decorated valentines sugar cookies with Angie, Jake, & Mason.
{+} I have been crafting a lot lately & I love it- mostly valentines crafts 
       but the heart maps of everywhere we've traveled together has been my favorite. 
{+} Tyler has been growing out his beard since November & has reached record length.
{+} I have been working part time/on call at Mountainland Headstart and I am really enjoying it.
{+} Tyler went on a golf trip to St. George for Jeff's bachelor party.
{+} We enjoyed the Jackson's wedding and we couldn't be more exited and happy for them! 
{+} We are loving our ward and have made some really great new friends! 
{+} I am kind of beginning to start training for a half marathon- just can't quite commit. We will see..

Music Monday

When I Go {Slow Club}
All Alright {Fun}
Jolene {Ray LaMontagne} 
In My Time of Need {Ryan Adams}
Blood Brothers {Ingrid Michaelson}

music monday 

18 February 2012

Simple Home Improvements

Tyler and his dad installed these new shelves in our laundry room & let me just say it 
has been a dream ever since! This simple shelving has given me so much more storage.
The shelves also act as a drying rack, which mean no more clothes strung through out the house.
The cabinets to the right of my washer now house all of my craft supplies. 
I cannot express how nice it is to finally have my crafting world located in a
convient location. I access my crafting supplies every day,  multiple times a day so it is
pure bliss going to these cabinets versus having it buried in a dark closet. 
Thank you Tyler & Leon! 

I have been wanting to paint the guest bedroom ever since I moved into the condost, 
but haven't gotten around to it until now. 
 I put it off for so long because I was terribly intimidated by paint 
& now that it's done, I have no idea why.
This was my first paint job ever & I am thrilled with the results. 
The color in real life is a million times better than what the pictures portray.
It's absolutely perfect. I couldn't ask for a closer color to what I had envisioned. 
One wall is painted with stripes and the rest are solid blue. Mint Whisper, to be exact. 
I am in love with the stripes. 
If you are contemplating painting stripes, do it. 
You WILL love it. Plus, it was so easy. 
If you ever decide to paint stripes I recommend using four special and simple items:
{1} the green frog tape-best tape around.
{2}A level is also a must for obvious reasons. 
{3} Tape Measure
{4} pencil 
These four things will be your ingredients for success.
 I read a lot of tutorials that were really complicated with extra steps/supplies that just really weren't necessary, so keep it simple and go easy on yourself. 

The next project on my to-do list is making a headboard for this lovely room.
Now, those tutorials are real intimidating. 
I'm thinking I'm going to have to call in the craft troops to help me with that one.

17 February 2012


We like to hang out at this place together. 
& make new friends. 

Music Monday

{on Friday, ha!}
& in honor of  
Whitney Houston  
because she is, after all, my namesake.

How Will I know
I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Run to You 
I'm Every Woman 
I Have Nothing

My dad called me the day she died and asked me how I felt about my namesake passing away.
I was dying. I thought it was so funny he would call to ask me that! 

12 February 2012

Ice Skating

takes me back to my childhood & the olympics. 
The very first time I skated was with my dear friend Ali.
We were natural pros, this time however,  I was a little rusty on the ice.
After I got the hang of it again, it was a blast!
It was jake's first time skating and he did great! He loved running and sliding on the ice.
Leon, Jen, and Mary are all amazing at gliding on the ice.
They were so nice to give me some pointers.
We had such a fun day & it made for some really great exercise!

08 February 2012


on 2.3.12
we celebrated Jen's day of birth.
18 years & counting.
We had a wonderful time eating cake, laughing, 
& hanging out with Jen's friends.
Happy Birthday Jen! 

06 February 2012

Music Monday

Gavin DeGraw {Not Over You}
Allie Moss {Corner}
Walk Off The Earth {Somebody That I Used To Know}
Chris Merritt {Arizona} 
Meiko {Piano Song} 
Music Monday

04 February 2012

Comedy & Pizza

Lex got tickets to Brian Regan for Christmas from her parents.
There was an extra ticket & Tyler was out of town, so I was the perfect candidate.
We laughed a lot. Brian Regan is really funny.
After the show we went to Settebello for some yummy pizza and gelato.
It was a very fun filled girls date! Thanks Lex!