27 February 2015

Dino Museum

It was time for an adventure so we took a trip to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving point.  We had never been before because I always thought Jade would find it boring - or that it was just a little too old for her still.  We ended up having so much FUN! Jade loved it. Turns out she loves dinosaurs and digging for fossils.  She thought the megladon shark was pretty cool too.  Vera was a little sleeping angel the whole time. Gosh, I love newborns! 

21 February 2015

One Month of Vera

O N E  M O N T H 
Good eater 
Pretty good sleeper - wakes up once a night sometimes twice
Looks like her daddy
Cries if she is put down - but I don't mind holding her 
Such a cuddle bug
Quite simply, the sweetest thing ever. 

16 February 2015

Valentine's Road Trip

At three weeks, Vera had her first of many road trips! She was such an angel the whole time and did great in the car! We had a fun Valentine's day hanging with family, making yummy treats, and loving on our girls.  Jade loves presents, decorating, treats, and everything holiday so she had a blast. Mike and Papa played in a pickle ball tournament and we spectated. Mike took second in his division and my dad took first in his! It was fun to cheer them on! The Munson's were down as well and stayed at Brock and Marissa's. We had fun hanging out with them too! It was a nice little getaway with warmer weather and sunshine.  

04 February 2015

2 Weeks & the Park

We went to Vera's 2 week wellness check. She checked out fine and healthy as can be. She had to get her foot pricked for a blood test and Jade was so concerned. Jade gladly took a sucker or two on Vera's behalf. 

After the doctor appointment, we went shoe shopping for Jade and then to the park with our friends, Max and Amanda
Jade was in heaven playing at the park after having been a little couped up the prior two weeks. Vera was a little angel the whole time and just snuggled up to mom. I must admit, I was worn out by the time it was over. I was really swore and could barely walk. I swear it didn't take me this long the heal with Jade. We made it home and I kicked my feet up the rest of the afternoon and the swelling and pain went away. It was still a really great day and I was proud of us for getting out.