31 October 2011

Music Monday

Wiz Khalifa }}Wake Up
Kid Cudi}}The Prayer
Mac Miller}} On and On
Mike Posner}} The Scientist 
Drake}} Fear 

Music Monday. Monday Music

29 October 2011

Stewart Falls

The Fredrickson Clan went for a hike up Stewart Falls.
It was the most gorgeous fall day ever & the weather was perfect.
Fall is most definitely my favorite time of the year.
We decided we have to make this hike an annual fall tradition. 
There is no better way to enjoy fall time than hiking the beautiful mountains.
We took Razz a long for the hike and he loved every minute of it. 
I am so impressed that he made it both ways without having to be carried.
When we got home he passed out though. He was a tired boy. 
Little Jake was a trooper too. He is such a good hiker and trekked right along. 
I am so glad we went on this hike. The leaves & colors were so amazing.
Until next year..

Tennis Craving

a couple weekends ago my brother, brock, & i played tennis with my grandpa. 
well my grandpa watched and gave us a few pointers.
it was such a beautiful afternoon & such a fun way to spend time 
with our grandpa. i think he really enjoyed watching us. 
he told us old tennis stories & showed us a thing or two on the court.
since then, i have been craving to play tennis everyday but never do. 
hopefully i will before it gets too cold.

27 October 2011


this is probably illegal, but I promise I didn't use a flash.
 the creepy Zombie that attacked Juliann and I before the show. 
 just a little blurry. oops. 


we ate at the Pie.
We went with the Munson's & the Prignano's. 
We ordered way too much food. But it was so good.
Thriller was so much fun! 
I loved way too many numbers to mention all of them,
but a couple favorites were of course {Thriller}, 
the egyptian one, and the frankenstein one. 
It was so much fun to see all of the cool costumes 
and I loved watching my friend Audrey dance her heart out.

Blue Bell Meets Utah

If you know us, you know we LOVE Blue Bell Ice Cream.
{like our mouths water when you mention it}
 You can imagine our excitement when we learned that the new
Ike's Ice Cream Parlor at the Riverwooods sells only Blue Bell. 
{Blue Bell is usually only found in the mid-west/southern region of this country}
We are so excited about this. We went twice last week. 
It makes for the sweetest ending to any date night.

26 October 2011

Gardner Village

 Lexie, Jessie, Me & Lori

 Just playin' some softball with the witches 

We love Gardner Village and try to go every year. {3 years & counting}.
We ate at the Neighborhood Cafe. The yummy soup warmed us right up.
Then we walked the village admiring all the lovely decorations & witches.
We of course browsed the shops and had a darling time. 
Next year, I hope to go as witches. 

25 October 2011

UVU Golf

Tyler's brother, Clark, is on the {UVGolf} team this year.
He has been doing very well and we all have enjoyed being able to watch him.
I am new to this golf thing & this was my first time ever on a golf course.
It was fun to learn about the game and see how it all works. 
{I figure it's something worth learning about since my husband goes everyday}
Can't wait to walk the greens again. 

24 October 2011

Music Monday

Ryan Adams 
Ashes & Fire

23 October 2011

Pumpkin Party

 Vampire Fangs 
Mike, workin' hard. 

♥ birds
Tanner, Marissa, & Brock
Queen & Razz in halloween party attire.  

carving away
I opted to paint my pumpkin this year because I am terrible at carving. 

 Pumpkin Carving Creations

While we were in Saint George we had a little 
halloween dinner-pumkin carving party.
It was so much fun and got us all in the halloween spirit.
We had worm pie {spaghetti pie}, keep the vampires away garlic bread,
stinky caesar salad, and witches brew.  
After dinner, we carved pumpkins around the fire pit 
and enjoyed halloween tunes.