22 April 2015

FHE at Petco

We took a trip to Petco as a family. These trips to the store are extra special because our Razzy Boy gets to come along. He LOVES it! Jade had a good time checking out all the different animals and fish. Vera slept the whole time and Razz was in dog heaven! 

17 April 2015

Anniversary weekend

We spent our 5 year anniversary down in Las Vegas, at the Trump where we honeymooned. Tyler had a spartan race so it worked out perfect to celebrate our fifth anniversary there. I loved being back to celebrate - so nostalgic. & I LOVED the one on one time with Vera. We were in good company all weekend, too. We went down with the Munsons and Prices. My parents, Mike, and Brock all showed up too. We had the best time lounging in the cabana and poolside, ate delicious food, shopped, had a girls night, ordered lots of room service and relaxed. It was such a nice quick getaway! 

13 April 2015

Tulip festival

The girls & I met up with a couple of our friends at the tulip festival. It was so beautiful and such a fun outing! It definitely got us excited for the warmer weather. Jade loves the flowers just like here mama. It took everything in her to not pick every flowers and it took everything in me to not let her. I adore how much she loves flowers and how pretty she thinks they are. 

01 April 2015

Easter Eggs

Jade loved coloring Easter eggs, though, our egg coloring fest quickly turned into a Vera love fest. Either way, we had a fun time! 
Tyler made Jade and egg with her name on it and she was obsessed!  It's the first thing she asked for the next morning and she carried it around with her everywhere for two days. That girl is a hoot, I tell ya.