21 August 2012

{b}U{M}PDATE: 28 Weeks

I had a doctor's appointment August 15th.
I only gained 1 pound. I was really surprised. Last time I was there my doctor was concerned I'd gained too much weight in the previous month, so I was quite relieved.  
My doctor says I have hypoglycemia-or low blood sugar. It explains why I get dizzy, see dots, have short little black outs, etc. {This only happens when I have gone too long without eating-sometimes it's hard to eat so often}.  I'm just supposed to eat frequent small meals and stay away from sweets to combat it, which I had already been doing cause I would feel sick if I didn't. 
So, thankfully there isn't much I need to change.
Oh and I have a yeast infection.
Other than that, all was good at the appointment.
The baby's heartbeat is healthy and I am measuring just right.
I just love hearing that heartbeat- it makes my heart go twitter-patter.

I grow tired far too easily these days.
I have been sleeping an extra 1-2 hours a night. I still don't nap all that often, though.
Maybe if I did I wouldn't be sleeping in so much..
My upper back has started aching real bad. I'm attributing it to my increased breast size. I don't know how women with extra large breasts handle it on a regular basis or when they are pregnant. I am ready for mine to go back to their normal size.
Most of the time though, I feel pretty great.
I am still jogging/exercising.
I feel like I have more energy on days I do exercise and it usually helps my nausea go away.
I can't believe I am in the third trimester. As of right now, this pregnancy seems to be flying by.
I am anxious to start getting everything ready for baby. I haven't done much besides dye some onesies since we are in Louisiana still, but you better bet your bottom dollar that's what will be filling my days once we get back to Utah. We are so excited to meet our baby.  Everyday Tyler and I talk about what it will be like- we are excited to see how Razz acts towards baby J. Hopefully he won't get too jealous.

13 August 2012

Music Monday

Walk The Moon {Anna Sun}
Foster The People {I Would Do Anything For You}
Two Door Cinema Club {Undercover Martyn} 
Maroon 5 {Payphone}
Wilco {I'll Fight}

Music Monday 

08 August 2012

New Orleans

It was a really hot day in New Orleans.
 I'm pretty sure it was the hottest day we'd ever spent down there.
I really didn't mind though. I got go to eat beignets.  
We also ate at the Rum House. Best Tacos around. 
We had so much fun seeing Scott and Ashley again! 
I loved the area the Rum House was in. I thought it was so cute. 
My favorite thing aout New Orleans is all the old, cute colored houses and beautiful architecture. 
The group we went with had never been before so we did the usual thing- walked Bourbon Street, went to the french quarter, and ate beignets. 
It was a fun afternoon! 

06 August 2012

Music Monday

Walk The Moon {Anna Sun}
Passion Pit {It's Not My Fault, I'm Happy}
MGMT {Indi Rokkers}
Au Revoir Simone {Backyards Of Our Neighbors}
Sufjan Stevens {Chicago}

Music Monday 

{b}U{m}PDATE: 26 weeks

My feet were a little swollen after this day of walking in the hot, hot heat in New Orleans. 
I've noticed a couple times my feet have swollen after being on my feet all day.
Other than that they don't really swell. 

My nausea has flared up again. It never really went away but it has gotten worse this past week for some reason. I'll take it, as long as I'm not throwing up. 
I find that if I just make myself exercise despite how sick I feel I always feel better after and I tend to have a lot more energy too. 
My legs get more tired after jogging than usual. I'm sure it's the extra weight I'm lugging around.

I swear my bump fluctuates so much. Some days I feel big and then other days I feel like the bump disappears. Today I woke up and Tyler and I were both wondering where it had gone. 
I still haven't bought any maternity clothes. I don't know why it sounds like the worst thing ever to me. I can still wear my pants without unbuttoning or using a rubber band {even though it is slightly uncomfortable} so I think I'm just gonna wait it out till I absolutely have to. 

Towards the end of the week I noticed I began to feel a lot more tired than usual. 
I tend to go to bed earlier and sleep a little later. Every once in a while I'll take a nap. 

I've had some cramping through out the pregnancy, but this week they felt a little more frequent and stronger. The uterus must be growing some more. 

I am almost always thirsty. Water always tastes so good. 
I eat a lot of fruit these days. I love basically any fruit & it always makes for a good snack. 
I am really loving greek yogurt too.  Peach is my favorite. 

I am getting more and more anxious/excited for this babe these days. It's almost like it finally clicked in my brain that I am actually having a baby. I just can't wait!
People are always saying they don't understand how we can wait to find out the gender, but I don't know how everyone can spoil the surprise! It just makes it all that much more exciting for me. I love surprises & you really can't go wrong with this surprise. 
I am so thankful for the special gift of carrying a child. It has been such an adventure and I already can't contain my love for this baby. 

happy 28

Tyler turned 28! 
We had the guys over for Cafe Rio-ish salads, cheesecake, & the Olympics!
Tyler tries to pretend he doesn't care for birthdays but I know he truly loves it! 
Thanks to all the family and friends who made it a special day for him! 
He appreciated all the love!