24 June 2014

Park Time

To say Jade loves the park is an understatement. one summer evening we had the luxury of having the park all to ourselves and she loved every minute of it.  She ran around playing her little heart out.  She most definitely thought it was her playground. Right before we were leaving some other kids showed up and she started getting mad at them for playing on the playground. She was saying "no" and "mine."  It was quite hilarious. Heaven help us when it comes to teaching her how to share!

12 June 2014

Summer Air

I think Jade loves summer time. 

11 June 2014

Summer Kick Off Swim Party

The Winget's hosted a summer kick off swim party and we had a blast. Jade loved swimming with daddy, friends, and family.  It was a bit on the chilly side but still so fun! 

10 June 2014


Tyler loves to golf and sincerely hopes Jade develops the same love for the game one day. His dream for her is to be a professional golfer. ha. We will see what happens, but I have a sneaky suspicion she will end up sharing that same love for golf with her daddy. She already loves to play it around the house and she has so much fun on the course watching dad play. 

04 June 2014

Chalk & Balcony Picnics

Jade LOVES playing with chalk and being outside and so does Razz. Sometimes we have picnics on our balcony, draw with chalk, and enjoy the sunshine. 

01 June 2014

Memorial Day

On Memorial Day we hiked the Y with a few of the Freddys and visited some loved ones. It was a hot and fun day.  Jade enjoyed the hike, especially when we got to the top cause she got out of her carrier and played in the rocks and dirt. It cracks me up how fascinated she is by rocks. Jade, of course loved decorating the graves or should I say un-decorating. She wanted to play with all the trinkets.  It was great way to celebrate Memorial Day and remember all those who have paved the way ever so wonderfully for us.