30 November 2010

HaPpY BirThDaY

Candice is

Happy Birtday sweet girl we love you!
So grateful for your friendship!
Hope your day was fantastic!

29 November 2010

Music Monday

Just the Way You Are {Bruno Mars}
Trust Me {The Fray}
Radioactive {Kings of Leon}
Bird Stealing Bread {Iron & Wine}
Islands{The xx}

Music Monday

26 November 2010

Cruisin' & Snoozin'

Day 1: The Arrival
The first day we checked out the buffet and then explored the boat.
we loved playing mini golf.
I am so proud of myself for getting a birdie on the first hole.
The rest were bogey, double bogey, tripple bogey, etc.

Joclyn, Lori, Jenny, Candice, and I singing "Buttons" by the pussycat dolls.
Just at the tables.
It was my first time playing Black Jack in a Casino.
I always lost.

Day 2: Catalina Island

our ship, the Paradise.

Golf Carts!
A bunch of us drove golf carts around Catalina Island.
It was so much fun and so pretty.

Comedy Show

Formal Night

Day 3: Ensenada
We rented four wheelers for a couple of hours and drove to La Bufadora.
{The Blowhole}

It was a very long and cold drive.
Too bad I was in a dress.
A Mexican dancing man.
the blowhole.

the coast.

The market place.
It was so cool to see this little market place
& I wish we could have stayed longer.
I've never seen anything like it.

Day 4: A Day at Sea
we loved our waitress, Apenya!

She made us darling napkin designs
waiting for the musical to start
Jenny and I modeling

Day 5: Departure
Saying goodbye to our ship

Tyler and I had so much fun on this cruise.
It felt like another honeymoon.
I didn't know it was possible,
but I think we grew even closer on this trip.
we had such a good time together.
we loved exercising every morning together, playing mini golf,
eating breakfast at the resturant, exploring the boat, ordering room service,
throwing bowls off the ship at night, eating soft serve, holding hands,
spending time together, and hanging with all our elite friends.

Thanks to elite for the special trip!
We loved it.

25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!
& Happy Birthday to my Great Grandma Betty!


Here is another floral arrangement created by our cute sister Jen!

Enjoy your Turkey!