21 March 2012

Life Lately

I can't believe how fast March has been going by. 
It's been three weeks since I last blogged. ugh. 
That's the longest I've gone without blogging since I started this little thing.
So, here is my attempt to get semi-caught up.

We were out of town for a couple weeks. Feb 29th - March 12th.
We felt like we were gone for a year. 
The day after we got back I got so sick & couldn't stop throwing up for a week. 
I started feeling better this week and now I am trying to play catch up. 
We had such a fun trip in Hawaii and we are already planning our next trip. 
We also had a lot of fun in St. George with friends and family.
The weather has been beautiful down there.   We were outside the whole time.
Before I  headed to Hawaii, my mom and I had a couple days of girly fun. 
We saw the Vow, got our nails done, hung out with Janelle, did a little shopping, and exercising.  
We enjoyed watching Dillan and Brock play in a basketball tournament, too.
St. George is always a treat. We can't wait for our next trip down there in a couple weeks.