28 February 2011

Music Monday

Never Say Never
One Time
Love Me
That Should Be Me
Somebody to Love [ft. Usher]

Justin Bieber
Music Monday

26 February 2011

JB Fever

We saw it.
The Justin Bieber Movie.
in 3D.
& LOVED it!

We were laughing the whole time at the crazy girls
& were blown away by JB's talent.
I have definitely caught the FEVER.

Still feeling the LOVE

We all were suffering from a sweet tooth,
so we made heart shaped sugar cookies
with all the valentine decorations my mom sent us.
Now, these sugar cookies came from a box mix
& the frosting out of a can.
They were so delicious!
I am pretty sure they are Tyler's new favorite.
You should try them.
so much less work & still so satisfying.
Ask Betty Crocker for her recipe.

21 February 2011

Flipbooks & Mr. Jones

I can't get enough of these flip books we got at the elite party last week.
I played with them all weekend.
The party was rather entertaining.
We had a ball making these darling books
& laughed our heads off at Steven Jones
& the dance off -take 2.
It was so good to see some friends we hadn't seen in a while.
Thanks again elite for showing us a good time!

Music Monday

Sara Bareilles} on the doc of the bay
Catherine Feeny} mr. blue
One Republic} marchin on
Florence + The Machine} howl
Erin McCarley} gotta figure this out

Music Monday

20 February 2011

HaPpY BirThDaY

{Ron D}

Happy Birthday Ron!
We hope {35} treats you well!

17 February 2011

Happy BirThDaY

Happy Birthday DAD!!

We hope you have had a wonderful birthday!
Love you!

16 February 2011

Be Mine.

We spent our Valentine's in.
Tyler made me breakfast &
presented me with a trip to Hawaii.
& the pink breakfast was delicious!
For dinner we had
shrimp alfredo, salad, garlic bread,
& Chocolate covered strawberries.
It was a nice quiet evening,
watching some of our favorite TV shows.
It was def my favorite Valentine's day thus far.

A Warm & Sunny Visit

We enjoyed watching Brock play basketball friday night.
After the game we went to Pepper's for some delicious fried ice cream.
We had fun singing along with the live band.
We bought Razz a collar after we went to lunch for my Dad's birthday
and Mikey insisted on wearing it all the way home.
Everytime I look at this picture, it just cracks me up.
My mom taught me how to make cake balls.
They are so good. Definitely my new favorite treat.
I'm so glad I know how to make them now.

The weather was B-E-A-Utiful.
I packed too warm of clothes so I was dying the whole time,
but I couldn't help but love the sun rays.

It was such a fun weekend and extra hard for us to leave!

14 February 2011

Music Monday

i will always love you [Whitney Houston]
L-O-V-E [Nat "King" Cole]
love story [Katharine McPhee]
i'll be lovin' u long time [Mariah Carey]
my funny valentine [Frank Sinatra]


Valentine Roses

The Valentine's
arrangement Jen made us.

She is quite talented.
I love getting flowers from her!
It always makes the month a little brighter..

12 February 2011

Hairy Decision

I have fallen in love with red hair.
I really want a change
& have been longing to
go red.

I have a feeling I'm gonna get a bunch of
"No way Jose" respones.

But I just can't stop seeing red.


Red or No Red?

10 February 2011

Super Bowl XLV

We are sitting in church on sunday and I get a text from a
dear friend telling me what she is bringing for the party. I was like
you are bringing what where?
I lean over to Tyler and I notice he is texting away being Mr. Party Planner.
I immediately start worrying what to make.
I knew I didn't have any "Super Bowl food" on hand.
Tyler assures me everything will be okay and taken care of
and that I don't have to worry about anything.
I resentfully say okay, thinking yeah right.
But, thankfully he indeed was right and I didn't have to worry
about a thing.

What's a party without food right?
Luckily our sweet friends came to the rescue.

I am so glad Tyler decided to host this last minute celebration.
It was so much fun, so low key, and all I had to do was make brownies.
Along with the planning, Tyler did all of the cleaning.
How sweet of him, right?

Thanks for coming everyone!

07 February 2011

Music Monday

Lykke Li} Dance, Dance, Dance
Two Door Cinema Club} Something Good Can Work
Vampire Weekend}Bryn
Rilo Kiley} Silver Lining
Radical Face} Welcome Home

Music Monday
Monday Music

06 February 2011

Brown Paper Packages Tide Up With String..

This Week Tyler and I recieved a brown package.
A Valentine's Day package.
It was full of yummy reese hearts, hugs & kisses,
chocolate covered pretzels, & cake pops.
so delicious.
It also had a gift card, a darling wreath, and cookie cutters
with sprinkles, frosting, & a sugar cookie mix.
Thank you Mom, Dad, and brothers for sending us your love.
It was a wonderful surprise.
You truly are the best.
We love you!

A Case of Senioritis

I have loved going to school
and furthering my knowledge.
& I am grateful for my opportunity to have done so.
But, right now I don't love it so much.
I am graduating in April and it has been
so hard for me to be motivated and interested in shcool.
At the same time, I don't want to graduate.
I know I will miss good ol' UVU.
BUT, for the time being I just want to be done.
I don't want to have to do homework anymore.
I am having mixed feelings about school right now.
I am confused.

03 February 2011

HaPpY BirThDaY

is {17}

Happy Birthday to beautiful JEN!!
We love you so much!

kind leader
gorgeous loving