29 November 2013

12 Months // 1 Year

12 Months // 1 Year {on November 1st}
She stands by herself.
She loves to walk with her strollers.
She signs more, eat, please, all done, and thank you.
She has 7 teeth.
She is still nursing and loves it. So do I. 
She still doesn't sleep through the night.
She is very petite. 16lbs // 1%. 
Size 3 diapers // 12-18 month clothes. 
She waves and says hi to everyone she sees. 
She pretends to talk on the phone. 
She loves to play with her babies. She feeds them and gives them loves. 
She is the sweetest, happiest, good natured baby. We are so fortunate to call her ours. 

25 November 2013

The Red Barn

22 October 2013

A little over a month ago, we decided to take the kiddos to The Red Barn pumpkin patch. 
It was a gorgeously warm fall day and the patch was so entertaining. Our kiddos loved it and the mamas loved it just as much. We had so much fun and it was seriously a perfect day. It was definitely my favorite day of fall this year. I love this group of girls so much. I am so lucky to have them as my close friends. We have such a strong friendship and love for one another. My hope is that our kids will grow up and feel the same way and all be close friends.   

This was the first time we have all had our kids together at the same time. It melted my heart to see them all interacting and playing with one another. They are all such wonderful babies and have such sweet personalities. It's so cute to see them have fun together. I am so thankful for great friends and for the bond of motherhood. 

15 November 2013

Birthday Balloons

On Jade's actual golden birthday {November 1st}, we had a birthday lunch with Tyler's family, ate cupcakes, played with the birthday balloons, sang and danced, reminisced about her debut, went to the park, and watched Jade's birth video over and over.  What an amazing year it's been. Jade has changed our lives forever. She is the sweetest and has such a special spirit about her. She is almost always happy, smiling, or giggling. She lights up a room and most definitely our lives. She is such a joy and we are so blessed to call her ours. Our hearts could burst, we love her so! 

11 November 2013

A Golden Birthday Party

We celebrated our little Jade's golden first birthday a couple weeks early with our dear family.
We roasted mallows, grilled up some hot dogs, ate lots of cake, and wished this sweet girl a happy first birthday. The weather was beautiful - it was a such a warm fall day. Jade was hilarious eating her cake. She did not hold back. She dug right in and kept shoveling the cake in her mouth. She might have slipped some to Razzy boy, too. She was in cake eating heaven and had all of us laughing. We had such a fun time celebrating Jade. She is definitely the life of our party.