30 March 2015

Temple Grounds

We snuck off to the Provo temple one Monday afternoon and it was quite nice. It was quiet and peaceful and just what we needed. Jade enjoyed the flowers a little too much (I tried to keep her from picking any, but as you can see, she did).  We had a nice chat about the temple & Jesus.  It always amazes me how receptive children can be.  The temple always brings solace, even when we just stay outside.  When the chaos or tantrums become too much, its a great way for us to restore some peace.

24 March 2015

Two months of Vera

sleeping through the majority of the night
has a strong neck & likes tummy time
already rolling over. she doesn't do it all the time, but she can do it. 
size one diaper
loves to be held
Doesn't care for a binky
starting to like her swing more
enjoys bath time
she likes her tongue. always playing with it and sticking it out. 

22 March 2015

Full House

Dillan, Alex, and Aubrey came to Utah to visit us and to meet Vera. It was our first time meeting Aubrey and she and Jade became fast little friends! It was a lot of un watching them play together.  Aubrey is such a sweetheart.  The rest of the fam came up from St. George, so we had a fun and full house!  Some of Dillan's close friends spent the whole weekend with us too. It was a PARTY - one of those feel-good, magical weekends.  We played at provo beach, rode bikes, ate a TON of food (all of Dillan's favorites), shopped at city creek, played cards/games, and stayed up late chatting.  I loved this weekend so much!  We had such a good time!

07 March 2015


This trip to the cabin was exceptionally fun. Ron took Tyler, Clark, and myself on a good snowmobile ride. I had never been before and it was a blast! We did lots of sledding and "rides" around the cabin. We did some exploring and enjoyed the crisp mountain air and sunshine. The mountains are my happy place! I think it's Jade's happy place too, cause she was outside playing in the snow the whole time. To no surprise, Vera was an angel - you could find her snuggling with either aunt Alyssa or mama the whole time. Such a fun trip!