30 July 2011


Kate & I took our doggies to 
{PETCO} and boy did they love it.
Razz peed 3 or 4 times and pooped once.
Oh the joys of being a doggie mother. 

25 July 2011

Music Monday

Jaymay {Snow White}
Papercuts {Future Primitive}
Blind Pilot {The Story I Heard}
Justin Bieber {Pray}
Mike Posner{Please Don't Go}


23 July 2011

Rift-Raft Relay Race

The sun finally came out so all the wives headed to the pool,
 enjoyed the vitamin D & had ourselves a little competition.
We had a {Rift-Raft Relay Race} and it was hilariously fun. 
Rules were, you had to stay on your raft & you couldn't jump in till your 
partner touched the side/your hand.
It was quite the sight & oh so exciting!

Kate & Candice
Ashley & Justine
Aiime & Juliann
Brittany & Jenny 
Marianne & Whitney

21 July 2011

It has ended

Juliann & I
don't worry, we cried almost the whole time.
Tyler, Dillan, & Kyle

Harry Potter,
 the most brilliant series ever written is over.
What to look forward to now?
The movies were amazing but nothing tops 
the magical details of the books.
I am so sad it has ended, but so glad it happened.
Thank you J.K. Rowling for your creation.

20 July 2011

Louisiana Lady Luncheon

the hostesses 
{Juliann & Justine}
Emily & Candice playing BUNCO

Bunco Winners
Holly, baby Bentley, & Brittany
Aiime & me

Louisiana {Lady} Luncheon 
{Take Three}
our salads were so yummy.
we played Bunco & most of us were first timers.
we had a blast & didn't go home empty handed.
it was such a fun afternoon & i can't wait to join 
a bunco group of my own now.


Snowballs are the best summer treat.
& lucky for us Louisiana knows how to throw down.
The ice is so smooth and soft
& the stuffed snowballs
{soft serve ice cream in the middle}
 are to die for.

18 July 2011

Music Monday

Joy Williams {We Are}
Ben Gibbard {When the Sun Goes Down}
Loch Lomond {Wax & Wire} 
The Jezabels {A Little Piece}
Bob Dylan {Don't Think Twice, It's All Right}


Dior Makeover

Sweet Lyn works at the Dior counter 
& she gave us pretty makeovers.

17 July 2011

Food For Thought

As a rule, man's a fool;
when it is hot he wants it cool;
when it is cool he wants it hot, 
always wanting what is not,
never wanting what he has got.

{Peggy Ball Fugal}

13 July 2011

Louisiana Lady Luncheon

: : the hostesses : :
Brittany & Jenny

Louisiana {Lady} Luncheon
{take two}
the food was delicious. 
& we played lots of games including
 the couch game, what if, blanket idol, & kiss the stud.
 & we loved the photo booth action.
it was another great day in Louisiana! 

11 July 2011

Music Monday

Mia and Jonah {Warm Wind}
Timmy Curran {Moving on}
Josh Ritter {Come and Find Me}
Horse Feathers {Falling Through the Roof}
Bon Iver {Minnesota, WI}

Music Monday

08 July 2011

Po-Boy Obsession

Tyler's favorite thing about Louisiana 
are the {Po-Boy} sandwiches.
His favorite kind is the blackened shrimp.
We went out for lunch one afternoon and we 
had to hit up a {Po-Boy} shop.
Tyler was in heaven. I wasn't.
Mine was okay, but it didn't live up to the hype.
Tyler says it's cause I ordered the wrong kind.
I got fried shrimp and I guess the only way to go 
is the blackened shrimp.
Better luck next time for me I guess. 

07 July 2011


we love our new floating devices that help to keep us cool loungin' in the pool.
 Brittany & Jenny
myself & Candice
huffing & puffing
sleepy boy.

With the Louisiana heat 
pool floaties are the only way to go!

06 July 2011

Let Freedom Ring

3 July 2011
 Grill Master

 Andres & Kyle
Candice & Josh
Dillan was our pre-firework show entertainment!
He was showing us all sorts of tricks and making us laugh!


Our fireworks were so good the neighborhood kids came to watch!
Oh, and don't worry we just love extra virgin olive oil.

4 July 2011
 Razz was so excited he got to go with us to the firework show.
He loves going places.
The Capitol Building

Razz was so scared of the fireworks outside of our house.
He jumped out of my arms and bolted for the front door!
 This little stick was my favorite.
It looked like we had wands from Harry Potter and were dueling Voldemort.

This is what the little rocket Dillan lit off did in the sky.
We weren't expecting that.
I am like a child and love Sparklers!

What a fun {4th} of July celebration! 
We are so grateful for this beautiful country and the freedom
that we have. We appreciate all the men and women who fight 
to keep us safe everyday!