17 June 2012

{b}U{m}PDate: 19 weeks

Well I am posting this a little late cause I'll be 20 weeks tomorrow. yay!
I am really excited for the 20 week appointment. 
The bump is growing slowly but surely.  I noticed my clothes fitting tighter this week. 
I still haven't had any unusual cravings that I would relate to pregnancy.
I have been craving beignets, but I'm pretty sure that is just cause we moved back to Louisiana.
I must not be craving them that bad cause I still haven't gone out to get them. 
Maybe I am not far enough along yet, but I don't understand the craving thing everyone talks about. 
I am always thirsty though. 
In the beginning I couldn't drink water cause it made me want to throw up,
 but now it's all I want to drink. 
I felt sick a couple times this week and I had to sit down to take a break.
I need to be better about eating more often. As long as I stay on top of it I feel great.
I exercised just about everyday this week. I even jogged a little. 
My left rib has been hurting, it started around 17 weeks. 
I thought I did something weird to it maybe during packing and moving, but it hasn't stopped
so I am thinking it might be from pregnancy instead?
I just don't think I am big enough yet for it to be hurting my ribs? I guess I'll ask my doc about it.
So far, I am still loving pregnancy. I guess that's easy right now while I feel good.
Can't wait to see our babe on the ultrasound this Wednesday!  

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