02 November 2013

Trick or Treat

We started Halloween off by going to story/singing time at the library with Max and Amanda.
We had a lot of fun there. Jade loved being with the other kids. 
Later that afternoon we decorated halloween sugar cookies with Claire and Candice.
Jade didn't do much decorating. She just shoved the cookie right in her mouth. 
That evening we headed down to grandpa and grandma's house for trick or treating. 
Jade was a Cheetah, Razz was a seal.
Since Jade is a little young for trick or treating we passed out the candy instead and she had so much fun!
Jade loved seeing all the cute kids in costume at the door.
she would get sad and cry when they would all leave her on the porch. 
She wanted to play with them so bad. It was really cute. 
She made the perfect little cheetah and Razzy made the perfect little seal. 
It was a fun and happy first halloween for our Jadey bug. 
Last halloween, I went into labor and she was about to make her debut.
Crazy how time flies. 

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