29 November 2013

12 Months // 1 Year

12 Months // 1 Year {on November 1st}
She stands by herself.
She loves to walk with her strollers.
She signs more, eat, please, all done, and thank you.
She has 7 teeth.
She is still nursing and loves it. So do I. 
She still doesn't sleep through the night.
She is very petite. 16lbs // 1%. 
Size 3 diapers // 12-18 month clothes. 
She waves and says hi to everyone she sees. 
She pretends to talk on the phone. 
She loves to play with her babies. She feeds them and gives them loves. 
She is the sweetest, happiest, good natured baby. We are so fortunate to call her ours. 

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