31 October 2012

Baby J's Nursery

Well here is my attempt at a gender-neutral nursery. 
I knew I wanted a sophisticated look and a space that I will enjoy spending a lot of time in as well.
Especially during those late night feedings and diaper changes.
I find this room very calming and peaceful. I hope baby does too!
I often find myself sitting in the rocker just thinking and dreaming of baby! 
I think it is suited for either a little Jack or Jade.
What do you think?


  1. beautiful nursery! every detail is perfect. And I used to think Jack, but for some reason after these pictures, I'm thinking Jade. Did you know my best friend all growing up was named Jade?

    Anyways...I love it!

  2. in love. its amazing whit! you did such a good job!!

  3. So, so cute!! Is that Danny's old room? That house brings back such good memories.