28 November 2011

Winter in Venice

While we were in vegas we checked out the Venetian's Christmas display
{Winter in Venice}. It was pretty neat. They had a live Christmas show playing outside with singing
and dancing, an ice skating rink, laser show, and of course a tree lighting. 

The performers were entertaining and reminded me of a mini cirque du soleil act.

The tree was so pretty.
 Then we watched the fountains at the Bellagio--I had never stopped to actually watch it before. 
 We also checked out the Bellagio Conservatory.
It is always fun to see how they have their gardens pruned. 

We were a little bummed it was still decorated for thanksgiving/fall, but glad they didn't jump the gun
on decorating for Christmas {since thanksgiving hadn't happened yet}.  

 The talking tree. 

This is other talking tree. We were walking along and this guy started moving and talking 
& he startled me. I had no idea it was a person. ha! 
In my defense it was dark out and I was probably looking at my phone when I walked into him.

It was a fun little night in Vegas before heading off to Kansas! 

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