23 November 2011

Pocahontas in the City

Marianne = Most thoughtful host ever!

From the moment we walked into Mare's darling SLC apartment, 
us girls felt like we were on an episode of Sex in the City
Marianne was such a gracious host and gave us serious special treatment.
She was so thoughtful. She centered the evening around things she is grateful for,
in lieu of Thanksgiving. It was so cute and so fun. 
We ate delicious chicken chili, corn bread, pomegranate salad, and a pumpkin dessert.
As you can see, she provided us with a fun little Pocahontas {Indian Princess} headband craft. 
We all loved the headband idea and it totally set the mood for the night. Fun & Spunky! 
Thanks Mare! It was the {bomb.com}!

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  1. you are too sweet. it was so fun, i loved doing it. excited to see you this wknd!