20 November 2011



:We have been loving matinees lately.
:Tyler found a new sushi place & went twice last week with friends. 
:I played Nanny McFred for a few days while Carly was at her best friends wedding in CA. 
:We love hanging out with the Peterson's & Smith's & KJ. 
:I enjoyed being an Indian Princess for the night. 
:Tyler golfed almost everyday last week-glad he got it in before the snow! 
:I had dinner ready and on the table when Tyler got home for the first time last week -- & probably the last{I know he loved it, but it's just not my thing}. 
:We dropped the ball and didn't take Razz out, so he peed on our bed. Ha! {He really is a good boy} 
:I am still on the job hunt.
:Tyler gave himself a haircut, it wasn't the straightest.
:I am loving the view of the sunsets from our balcony every night. 
:We are so excited for Thanksgiving. Can't wait for Kansas! 
:I totally fell for Dillan's trick. He made me believe he met Justin Bieber last night. I wish it was true.

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