29 October 2011

Stewart Falls

The Fredrickson Clan went for a hike up Stewart Falls.
It was the most gorgeous fall day ever & the weather was perfect.
Fall is most definitely my favorite time of the year.
We decided we have to make this hike an annual fall tradition. 
There is no better way to enjoy fall time than hiking the beautiful mountains.
We took Razz a long for the hike and he loved every minute of it. 
I am so impressed that he made it both ways without having to be carried.
When we got home he passed out though. He was a tired boy. 
Little Jake was a trooper too. He is such a good hiker and trekked right along. 
I am so glad we went on this hike. The leaves & colors were so amazing.
Until next year..

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  1. these are the most beautiful pictures! by far one of the most amazing utah falls i've ever seen. what a fun way to enjoy it