20 October 2011

Bleeding Blue

{Dixie @ Cedar
It was Cedar's homecoming so it was a little sad when Dixie took the win,
but it was a lot of fun to see all of Cedar's homecoming traditions. 

Mike's Game
{Dixie vs Cedar}

This year Mike started playing in a tackle football league and he loves it!!
His team is undefeated. 

Senior Night
{Dixie vs Snow Canyon

All the Seniors and their parents got to walk through the {D}
in honor of senior night. 
 All was going well till the second half.
There was a fire on the baseball field {right behind the fball field} during the game 
and it caused the lights to shut off. 
We were stuck in the dark for quite a bit, 
but luckily they got the lights back on so the boys could finish.
It made for a very long game.
Dixie pulled off another win! 
They have been doing so good.
This is Brock's first year playing and he starts as a tight end.
We are so proud of him and so happy he decided to play this year.
It has been fun to watch him & it was a good excuse to 
spend the last two weekends in sunny St. George.

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