11 October 2011

D&L {visit} LA

We picked D& L {Debbie & Leon} up from the airport and then whisked them
off to our favorite fast food restaurant, RAISING CANES.
Then we went home and played with Razz. 
D & L were so excited to see him and he was so excited to see them.
It was a great reunion. 


The next day we enjoyed our morning exercise, the pool, New Orleans, 
some knocking area + Katrina devastation, and the bayou.  
 We had a tasty lunch at the Hard Rock, which resulted in me having a food baby all day.
{i promise i'm not pregnant}
Debbie was so excited to see Bourbon Street
What's New Orleans without Cafe Du Monde?
We had to get some beignets one last time.

 Dillan aka Glen Dilla
 Mississippi River
While we were in New Orleans
 G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation {starring Channing Tatum} was being filmed.
It was kind of fun to see all the hustle and bustle.
I was really sad I didn't get to see Channing himself, but at least I got to see his trailer.
So close, yet so far away. 


Hangin' at the bayou
Tyler trying to get the gators to come out and play.
Unfortunately, we didn't see any. 


It was a very quick {visit} for D&L.
We wish they would have had more time in LA,
but we are very grateful for their willingness 
to help move us back to Utah quickly and safely.

We made great time on the trek home.
We drove about 19 hours the first day & 6 hours the second day.
Boy, oh boy is it good to be home! 

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  1. holy cow 19 hours in one day!? you guys are troopers. so fun they got to come visit! oh yeah, and i wish that wasn't just a food baby :) can't wait to see you at all our festivities this month!!