11 May 2011

Minivan Love?

{Blurriness due to phone pic}

We bought our first Minivan.
Not because we are expecting or anything,
but for Tyler to tote guys around this summer.
I always swore I would never own/drive a minivan, 
but I must admit it has grown on me. 
I kind of love minivans now
& would consider driving one as a mommy.
They have the sweetest features for kids 
& they are just convenient.


So grateful Tyler will be driving this around all summer
so I can drive my car! 


  1. girl i'm the same way- always swore i would never drive one. but man have i had a change of heart. they're so convenient and SPACIOUS! love me a minivan

  2. They seriously are the best! I think I just may have to get one!