09 May 2011

Don't Mess With Texas

Razz can't handle the heat.
Just taking cover under the car.

Catching up on some reading.
Moab was definitely the prettiest place we drove through.
I can't wait to go back and explore once the summer is over.

The rest of the drive consisted of farm lands and ghost towns
I don't know how people live in those parts.


We spent the last week in Tyler, Texas.
We enjoyed the pool and good weather,
parks, museums, and BJ's Brewery.
Tyler wasn't an ideal market for the business of alarms
so we headed down to Beaumont, Texas.
We are now residing at the Sleep Inn.
It has been really fun so far.
Its nice to have the whole office together because
that means more wives for Razz and I to hangout with.
The only downside is the hotel doesn't allow dogs.
We will be hanging out at the park a lot.
Today we went and it was so much Fun!

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