31 May 2011

Jambalaya. Jambalaya.

The Jambalaya Festival

Part 1:
Holly, Aiime, Brittany, me, Emily
Kizac, and Makai
 Suasage and Pork Jambalaya
All I know is the food better get better after all the talk about Louisiana food.
I was specifically recommended Jambalya and was not impressed.
It was plain and tasteless. Where is the Cajun?
However, the coconut snow ball {snow cone} I got was to die for.
so refreshing in that heat.
Emily and I Sharing some Jamba.

Part 2:
 There is no fair like a Louisianan Fair.

The food this round was more impressing.
We loved the BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, Tornado fries, 
and Sweet lemonade.
I'm prety sure it was the best lemonade we
had ever tasted.

My favorite part: Louisiana culture
Tyler's favorite part: leaving
Chris and Dillan's favorite part: the food


  1. You were not kidding when you said Tyler didn't like fairs, his favorite part was leaving.. haha!

  2. hahah he was a good sport and put on a smile but I know he enjoyed leaving!

  3. my fave pic is the first one you girls are all soooo pretty!!!!! xoxo.

  4. I was heart broken you couldn't come that day Jenny! Wish you could have been there!