30 December 2014


The main reason we bought the lot we did, or even decide to build a house at all was because of the open field right next to our house. I am so glad it was a deciding factor! It will be so nice for the kids to play and It is perfect for little sledders! We took advantage of the few snow days we had this year and slid down some hills. Jade LOVES sledding. & she loves the neighbor kids. My mama dreams came true when they came softly knocking at our door, bundled up asking, "can Jade come sledding with us?" My heart just about burst right there at the front door. Because in that moment reality set in, I am living out my greatest dreams. As a young girl, all I dreamed of was being a wife and mother - putting my heart and soul into raising a family. & I am doing it. It was a defining moment for me. When I get down on myself and my accomplishments I find great peace and confidence in knowing, with a heart full of gratitude, that I am living the life that I dreamed up as a young girl. Yet it's even more beautiful than what I imagined it could be. I am a mom and I am a wife and I am proud of that. 

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  1. love love love so much! you are the best momma! brock and i wanna sled!