27 January 2014

Her Own Two Feet

Jade took her first steps on November 17th, 2013 but decided she liked crawling better, so she stuck with that for a little while longer.  She didn't really start walking regularly till the middle of December.  She was quite the wobbly little walker, but she loved it and thought it was so cool. She was so proud of herself too and so were we. Once she started she hasn't stopped. If she is awake she is constantly in motion. Walking in circles and from place to place. She has really come to master walking this January. She is steady, confident, and quick. She loves to take Razz for walks. I think it's the highlight of her day. We usually carry her around on those walks but we just recently started letting her down to walk for herself and she has been in heaven.  She loves following Razz around and being able to explore on her own two feet. 

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