11 July 2013

Washington DC

| United States Capitol Building |

| National World War II Memorial | 

| Washington Monument |

| Lincoln Memorial |
 We took a weekend trip to visit my great Uncle Jim with my family.
We arrived Friday afternoon. We hung around the house and caught up and then headed to Bonefish for dinner. After, we did some shopping and watched National Treasure.  
We spent Saturday in DC. 

It was a dream day that is for sure. 
We walked from the Capitol building to the Lincoln Memorial. 
Along the way we stopped at the American Indian Museum, Air and Space Museum, and the U.S. History Museum. We also saw the World War II Memorial, Washington Monument, and drove by the White House and Jefferson Memorial. 
Unfortunately, the Washington Monument was under construction due to earthquake damage. 
It was still a beauty, nonetheless. 

We covered a lot of ground.
Jade was an angel baby the whole day. 
She didn't make a peep, she just enjoyed the sights from her stroller. 
The day of sightseeing made us all appreciate those who have made this country so great 
and especially proud to be Americans. 
It was the perfect prelude to the Fourth of July. 

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