21 July 2013

4 July 2013

Fourth of July was packed with fun this year. 
We started off the day with a little tennis tournament and then went to a local city pool. The pool reminded us of the Sandlot pool. There were no lounge chairs so we had to lay on the concrete. Jade made a bunch of new little girlfriends. They all were in love with her and kept calling her "my baby". It was so cute to see them love her immediately. Jade is always stealing people's hearts. After the pool we headed back to our place for a giant BBQ.  My parents are angels and made us baby back ribs, prime rib, and lots of yummy sides. We were all stuffed to the brim. Once it was dark we had ourselves a firework show. It was such a fun day and we were so glad to have my parents and Mike in town for the holiday. 

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