06 June 2013

North Carolina Bound


We made it! 

Tyler and Razz drove out our car and Brock drove out Ody. They accomplished the drive in 2 days. It took them forever. It was the longest drive and I honestly don't know how they did it in two days. They also thought it would be a good idea to do a cleanse while driving. Lets just say it didn't work out in their favor.  They had to take a lot of bathroom breaks.

Jen, Rissa, Jade and I flew out 10 days later. Jen had to finish up school and I had a wedding. We were all so thankful we flew. It was Jen's first time flying. Our flight from SLC to Denver was delayed so we had to sprint to the next terminal in order to make our connecting flight. It was a hilarious experience. I wish we could have captured that moment on video. Jade was strapped in the moby wrap, we had the stroller, bags, and who knows what, running through the airport.  Jade was bouncing all over the place. Ahh we were a sight. Come to find out, our efforts were not needed because our connecting flight had also been delayed. Good thing it made for a good laugh.

So glad everyone made it safe and sound. It has been so good to be in North Carolina. It is a beautiful place.

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