18 February 2012

Simple Home Improvements

Tyler and his dad installed these new shelves in our laundry room & let me just say it 
has been a dream ever since! This simple shelving has given me so much more storage.
The shelves also act as a drying rack, which mean no more clothes strung through out the house.
The cabinets to the right of my washer now house all of my craft supplies. 
I cannot express how nice it is to finally have my crafting world located in a
convient location. I access my crafting supplies every day,  multiple times a day so it is
pure bliss going to these cabinets versus having it buried in a dark closet. 
Thank you Tyler & Leon! 

I have been wanting to paint the guest bedroom ever since I moved into the condost, 
but haven't gotten around to it until now. 
 I put it off for so long because I was terribly intimidated by paint 
& now that it's done, I have no idea why.
This was my first paint job ever & I am thrilled with the results. 
The color in real life is a million times better than what the pictures portray.
It's absolutely perfect. I couldn't ask for a closer color to what I had envisioned. 
One wall is painted with stripes and the rest are solid blue. Mint Whisper, to be exact. 
I am in love with the stripes. 
If you are contemplating painting stripes, do it. 
You WILL love it. Plus, it was so easy. 
If you ever decide to paint stripes I recommend using four special and simple items:
{1} the green frog tape-best tape around.
{2}A level is also a must for obvious reasons. 
{3} Tape Measure
{4} pencil 
These four things will be your ingredients for success.
 I read a lot of tutorials that were really complicated with extra steps/supplies that just really weren't necessary, so keep it simple and go easy on yourself. 

The next project on my to-do list is making a headboard for this lovely room.
Now, those tutorials are real intimidating. 
I'm thinking I'm going to have to call in the craft troops to help me with that one.

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  1. Cutest room award! And I am in love with that adorable crafting apron. You are so cute. Love you!